Disciple with Karl Martin

Series 1 Season 5 Episodes


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5 Episodes

Disciple: Heart

Season 1 Episode 1 23m

We are called to be followers of Jesus Christ. Karl Martin introduces the series beginning with teaching on guarding our heart.

Disciple: Grace

Season 1 Episode 2 24m

We have a Father in heaven that loves us deeply. Karl Martin challenges us to be people full of God's grace.

Disciple: Forgiven

Season 1 Episode 3 22m

Ever felt stuck as a disciple? Karl Martin explains about the freedom forgiveness brings and breaking down strongholds.

Disciple: Invest

Season 1 Episode 4 22m

Jesus asked us to be disciples and make disciples. Karl Martin teaches on seeking God's kingdom and how to invest in it.

Disciple: Love

Season 1 Episode 5 23m

God is Love. Karl Martin encourages us to be on a mission to love our neighbours.