Adam and Eve - What Went Wrong

Season 1 Episode 1 27m

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6 Episodes

Jacob - Wrestling With God

Pastor Anthony Delaney concludes the current series of leadership by studying Old Testament characters, this week focusing on Jacob and Esau.

Rebekah – Leading In Excellence

Anthony Delaney takes a look at the story of Isaac and Rebekah and teaches on what it means to be leaders who make a difference.

Moses – Called To Set People Free

Anythony explores the call Moses had from God, and how we are also called to do something similar today.

Joseph – Broken To Lead

Anthony explores the story of Joseph to see how he developed into a leader through the experiences he went through.

Abraham – Blessed to be a Blessing

Pastor Anthony looks at the example of Abraham to learn accents of leadership.

Adam and Eve - What Went Wrong

Anthony Delaney looks at the first duo in the Bible and how they used their potential.