Christians Against Poverty - Power of the Church

Series 1 Season 6 Episodes

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6 Episodes

Why is CAP talking about the Church?

Season 1 Episode 1 28m

Join Christians Against Poverty to explore the vital role that churches across the nation are playing in bringing practical help and the Gospel message to those in UK poverty.

National impact

Season 1 Episode 2 27m

Christians Against Poverty’s Emma Jackson shows you how churches across Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland are working hard to tackle poverty and share God’s love in their communities.

The Impact Of Debt

Season 1 Episode 3 29m

Be inspired by the powerful combination of practical help and evangelism that make Christians Against Poverty’s debt work so life transforming.

Working Together

Season 1 Episode 4 25m

In London with Christians Against Poverty, we learn how churches are working together to share the Gospel and have a bigger impact on poverty in their communities.

Influencing for good

Season 1 Episode 5 26m

Join Christians Against Poverty to learn how God’s heart for those in poverty is being heard about by those with the power to change society.

Past and Future

Season 1 Episode 6 28m

God has called us all to share the Gospel and help those in material need. Christians Against Poverty shares the inspiring future they are working towards that will see thousands freed from material and spiritual poverty.