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55 Episodes

Happy Easter

Season 1 Episode 55 28m Sun 31 Mar 19:30

Happy Easter from TBN UK! Our hosts return to set, to chat about all things TBN. We also look at our most recent series, Exploring Easter, to hear a timely message on how the resurrection of Jesus is a new beginning for us all.

Eyes Fixed on Jesus

Season 1 Episode 54 28m Sun 24 Mar 19:30

It’s been one year of Weekly! On this special birthday episode, Emily and Larissa talk about how Weekly first started, with a surprise encourager returning to set. To share how the secret of success, lies in abiding with Jesus.

Opportunity in Crisis

Season 1 Episode 53 28m Sun 17 Mar 19:30

What do you do, when crisis comes into life? Emily and Larissa return to the Weekly set to unpack all things TBN UK. They also discuss an encouragement brought by Emmanuel Adesko, on our God given identities.

Mother's Day

Season 1 Episode 52 28m Sun 10 Mar 19:30

Happy Mother's Day! Emily and Larissa share how they are like their own Mothers. And Larissa encourages us, by sharing her moving testimony of what God taught her about parenthood.

What God Wants from Us

Season 1 Episode 51 28m Sun 03 Mar 19:30

Have we ever asked God, what he wants us to do? Emily and Larissa return to set to discuss all things TBN UK. Also first time encourager Shirley, shares on how God wants more from us, because he has more planned for us.

All Can Prophesy!

Season 1 Episode 50 28m Sun 25 Feb 19:30

Did you know that every believer has the ability to prophesy? For Weekly’s 50th episode, Emily and Larissa invite Machelle Joseph to demystify what the prophetic is, and how every Christian is capable of sharing what God wants to say.

The Spirit of Life has set us Free

Season 1 Episode 49 28m Sun 18 Feb 19:30

How can we partner with the Holy Spirit, in our everyday walk? Lyanna Austin shares the secret with Emily and Larissa, as they discuss all things TBN UK.

God of Unanswered Prayers

Season 1 Episode 48 28m Sun 11 Feb 19:30

Why do we sometimes not get what we ask for? Micah encourages us to focus on God’s will in our prayers. Emily and Larissa tell us what’s happening in the studios and discuss their plans for this year’s Lent.

Ask and Receive

Season 1 Episode 47 28m Sun 04 Feb 19:30

God has planned every detail, for our good. Emily and Larissa chat about planning for future shows, and first time encourager Andrew shares how God is capable of answering the small and big aspects of our lives.

Be Bold in Praying

Season 1 Episode 46 30m Sun 28 Jan 19:30

The brave and the bold! Emily and Larissa return to discuss the bravest thing they’ve ever done, and first time encourager Stephen, shares how we can come to God boldly in prayers.

God-shaped hole

Season 1 Episode 45 30m Sun 21 Jan 19:30

When did you last go to Church? Emily and Larissa chat about their earliest memories of church, and the Fit for Purpose team remind us, that the bible is counter cultural for all we see today

The Power of Gratitude

Season 1 Episode 44 30m Sun 14 Jan 19:30

What are you grateful for? Emily and Larissa chat about new year resolutions, whilst they reflect on an encouragement brought by Mark Ritche, on the power of gratitude.

Be Intentional

Season 1 Episode 43 30m Sun 07 Jan 19:30

Intentional to have a fresh start this year? Graham and Emily are back, ready to see what God has planned. Graham also brings an encouragement, on three steps to being intentional for 2024.

Looking Back

Season 1 Episode 42 30m Wed 03 Jan 09:00

As the year draws to a close, Emily and Larissa reflect on all the productions in 2023. And Alec Morgan shares an encouragement, on the meaning of Yahweh in the Bible.

God’s Home

Season 1 Episode 41 20m Sun 24 Dec 19:30

Is God’s home, in us? As Larissa and Emily reflect on their family traditions on Christmas Eve, Florence returns to encourage us the joy God, the Son, and the Holy Spirit have when we embrace his plans for our hearts.

The Core of Christmas

Season 1 Episode 40 28m Sun 17 Dec 19:30

Happy Christmas! Do you feel Christmassy this year? Micah encourages us that our emotional responses might change through different seasons, but God’s faithfulness never does. Emily and Larissa share what holiday surprises we should expect on the channel this week.

All Is Calm, All Is Bright-on

Season 1 Episode 39 28m Sun 10 Dec 19:30

This time we’re in Brighton! Emily, Graham and Larissa explore fun Christmas traditions from around the world and reflect on why December 25th is a very special day to reflect on Jesus.


Season 1 Episode 38 28m Sun 03 Dec 19:30

What is God’s best for us? Our hosts are hitting the beach this week, filming a special on location project! We also have a new encourager, who reminds us that we are equipped to handle whatever God puts before us


Season 1 Episode 37 28m Sun 26 Nov 19:30

When is the right time to start listening to Christmas music? Graham and Emily disagree! Also, Samuel is back, encouraging us to remember the free gift we’ve received from Jesus.

Remain and Abide in Him

Season 1 Episode 36 28m Sun 19 Nov 19:30

Graham and Emily are catching up on the Step FWD Awards, discussing the traditions of Thanksgiving in Emily’s household, and reflecting on remaining and abiding with God. Also, Larissa tells us about the exciting festive content that starts this week.

The Weird Christian Kid

Season 1 Episode 35 28m Sun 12 Nov 19:30

Have you ever tried to hide God? Archie joins Graham and Emily to share his testimony and encourage us that God sticks with us throughout our lives.

Negotiating with God

Season 1 Episode 34 28m Sun 05 Nov 19:30

Are we holding back on our most difficult prayers? Graham and Emily chat about how we should dare to ask God to intercede in challenging situations.

Stop Moaning and Have Some Faith!

Season 1 Episode 33 30m Mon 30 Oct 21:30

Where have you seen the power of the tongue bring life or destruction? Graham and Emily reflect on how we can honour God with our speech.

Exploring Meditation on Scripture

Season 1 Episode 32 26m Sun 22 Oct 20:30

How do we practically apply God's word to our everyday life? Graham and Emily unpack ways in which we can get through the seasons where we find it difficult to study the Bible.

God's Got Your Back Like A Rucksack

Season 1 Episode 31 26m Sun 15 Oct 20:30

What type of coffee would Jesus drink? Graham and Larissa chat about National Coffee Week, and a fun way to remember how God equips us for every situation.

Reflecting On Distractions

Season 1 Episode 30 24m Sun 08 Oct 20:30

How do you practise silence or stillness? Graham, Emily and Larissa discuss the benefits of practising solitude and rest to connect with God.

The Language of the Kingdom

Season 1 Episode 29 24m Sun 01 Oct 20:30

What's your favourite thing about the month of the October? The team share their views and chat about how we can go against cultural norms by putting our hope and faith in Jesus, and be salt and light to our communities.

The Power of the Tongue

Season 1 Episode 28 24m Sun 24 Sep 20:30

Graham and Emily discuss plans for self improvement month and Larissa reminds us of the importance of speaking God's promises over our lives.

Facing fears, dirty feet, and wife appreciation

Season 1 Episode 27 22m Sun 17 Sep 20:30

Graham and Emily discuss Wife Appreciation Day, Larissa joins them to talk about facing our fears, and Taylor explores how dirty feet relate to sin.

Waiting on 'something'

Season 1 Episode 26 22m Sun 10 Sep 20:30

Graham and Emily look back at all the TBN UK productions last month including some behind the scenes clips from our short film. Micah joins them on set to share an encouragement about the things we are waiting and praying on God for.


Season 1 Episode 25 23m Sun 03 Sep 20:30

Graham, Emily and Taylor get you in the mood for a new season of school, routines, and TV as they look ahead to what's coming up in the first week of September. Graham encourages us to be undignified in our worship to God.


Season 1 Episode 24 22m Sun 27 Aug 20:30

Graham, Emily and Larissa bring you all the latest updates from the TBN UK studios. Samuel joins them on set to discuss the differences between characters in the parable of the good Samaritan, and challenges us to act with godly compassion.

How distracted are you?

Season 1 Episode 23 23m Sun 20 Aug 20:30

How can we practise internal silence to avoid distractions when listening to God? Larissa and Emily host an all female episode of Weekly as Florence joins them for this discussion.

The Supernatural Authority of Believers

Season 1 Episode 22 22m Sun 13 Aug 20:30

Graham and Emily catch up on the week's events, including an update on our new short film. David joins them on set to speak about how we can be empowered to live victorious Christian lives.

Behold Power

Season 1 Episode 21 28m Sun 06 Aug 20:30

Graham and Emily discuss the importance of keeping up daily routines and look back at all the TBN UK recordings from the month of July. Mayomi joins them on set to speak about five ways in which we can appropriate the power of God.

The Importance of Reflecting

Season 1 Episode 20 26m Sun 30 Jul 20:30

Graham and Emily look back at their favourite encouragements from the last 20 episodes of Weekly. Andrew and Larissa join them on set to share their chicken wing challenge.

Be Of One Mind

Season 1 Episode 19 25m Sun 23 Jul 20:30

Graham and Larissa discuss evangelising to strangers in a lift, airing your grievances to family members, and top tips for childcare during the holidays. Daniel joins them on set to share an encouragement about church family unity.

The Greatest Act of Generosity

Season 1 Episode 18 26m Sun 16 Jul 20:30

Graham and Emily play guess the emoji Bible story, badly - can you do better? Graham shares Bible stories that demonstrate the generosity of God's grace and mercy, and we reveal the winner of the Grow prize draw.

The Importance of Community

Season 1 Episode 17 20m Sun 09 Jul 20:30

Are you a biscuit dunker? That's the important question Larissa and Graham debate on National Sugar Cookie Day. Angela joins them to share some cookies and tips on on how we can impact different community groups around us with the gospel.

Jesus, our Price and Prize

Season 1 Episode 16 22m Sun 25 Jun 20:30

Emily returns to join Graham and Larissa on Weekly, as they discuss international joke day and the film Jesus Revolution. Lyanna shares her favourite vocal warm-up excerise and encourages us with how her faith helped her through her battle with cancer.

What's Your Superpower?

Season 1 Episode 15 25m Sun 18 Jun 20:30

Larissa steps into Emily's chair to discuss with Graham what would be their favourite superhero power, before Taylor brings an encouragement on how Jesus can teach us something new.

God Speaks Personally

Season 1 Episode 14 24m Sun 11 Jun 20:30

Graham and Emily honour important father figures in their lives as we celebrate Father's Day. Plus Micah joins the team to encourage us with how our Heavenly Father has a plan and a purpose for each of us individually.

Praying for our Children

Season 1 Episode 13 22m Sun 04 Jun 20:30

Graham and Emily share some more behind the scenes clips from the Big Church Festival and reveal the new face of our Gospel Supply clothing line. Joy joins them on set to bring a personal testimony of answered prayer to encourage parents and families.

Big Church Festival Special

Season 1 Episode 12 23m Sun 28 May 20:30

Graham and Emily bring you exclusive behind-the-scenes access at this year's Big Church Festival as they interview the TBN UK team around the festival site and preview what viewers can look forward to seeing in the new Big Church episodes. Larissa brings the weekly update from out in the field and Faith Child shares an encouragement on running back to God.


Season 1 Episode 11 25m Sun 21 May 20:30

Graham and Emily discuss our plans for the Big Church Festival and tease a a special episode next week, Larissa reveals which footballer we have been filming with, and we welcome back Florence to hear her wisdom on how, like Joseph, God can prepare us through adversity for something special.

There's Going To Be Trouble Y'all

Season 1 Episode 10 24m Sun 14 May 20:30

Larissa encourages the team to join in with National Speak Like Yoda Day, and Daniel joins the set to reflect on how we as Christians can expect, and deal with, troubled times. Plus Graham and Emily reveal a special announcement.

Meditating On God's Scripture

Season 1 Episode 9 24m Sun 14 May 20:30

Graham and Emily discuss Coronation parties, and Angela returns to Weekly to follow up on how we can apply the scriptures we have committed to memory.

Coronation Theology

Season 1 Episode 8 23m Sun 07 May 20:30

Graham and Emily reflect on the Coronation weekend and David joins them on set to talk about the theology behind the King's coronation.

Coronation Quiche

Season 1 Episode 7 25m Sun 30 Apr 20:30

Larissa and Taylor judge Graham and Emily's efforts in the Coronation Quiche challenge, and Taylor shares a message on not overpreparing when it comes to praying.

The Heart Of The Father

Season 1 Episode 6 26m Sun 23 Apr 20:30

Graham explains the origins of St George, Mayomi shares on atrributes of God, and Larissa brings another easy-to-remember scripture verse.

Memorising Scripture

Season 1 Episode 5 25m Sun 16 Apr 20:30

Angela joins Graham, Emily, and Larissa to discuss their favourite Bible memory verses and how these scriptures encourage us.

Sacrifice of Jesus

Season 1 Episode 4 24m Sun 09 Apr 20:30

The team discuss national sibling day, Easter dinner traditions, and Graham looks at three ways that we can respond to Jesus' resurrection.

Like Children

Season 1 Episode 3 23m Sun 02 Apr 20:30

On this Weekly, it’s all about children’s books. Graham shares embarrassing childhood moments and Emily asks a Bible-based riddle. Plus, “our favourite”, Mayomi, shares a little of his journey at TBN UK along with an encouragement for all of us, and Larissa gives us the low-down on what’s-up!

Faith To Let Go

Season 1 Episode 2 25m Sun 26 Mar 20:30

Graham, Emily and Larissa discuss World Spinach Day and cheat days during Lent, plus Taylor shares on having faith to let go of old habits and take on new instructions.

Something New

Season 1 Episode 1 25m Sun 19 Mar 19:30

Graham, Emily and Larissa introduce our brand new weekly show for partners and viewers by sharing their personal journeys at TBN UK as well as messages from viewers, and what's been featuring on the channel and online. Plus Graham reveals the team's vision for this new season.