Content In Him

Season 1 Episode 1 28m

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10 Episodes

Like Sheep

God is looking for people with willing hearts. Andrew Scotland explores why Jesus likens us to sheep that should follow Him.

He Has Left a Light On

God wants us to walk in the light. Andrew Scotland reminds us that Jesus went through utter darkness so that we can live in the light.

Bound By Grace

We prize and value freedom so much. Andrew Scotland unpacks Romans 6 and what it means to be under grace instead of the law.

Saved From An Ego

Do we compare ourselves too much to others? Andrew Scotland explains how we need to have more of an importance of Christ in us, rather than our own self-esteem.

The Pick & Mix

We cannot customize the Gospel for our own benefit. Andrew Scotland reminds us that God gave us faith as a gift.

Love and Understanding

Jesus never separated love and understanding. Andrew Scotland shares how God desires us to become more Christlike.

The Keeper Who Saves Souls

God knows us so intimately. Andrew Scotland explores how God works all things for the good of those who love Him.

Beating Heart

What is the rhythm of life that we need? Andrew Scotland looks at the commandment to love God with all our heart.

In Your Hands

God wants glory. Andrew Scotland studies the story of Gideon and how God delivered victory into the hands of the Israelite army.

Content In Him

We all desire an inner sense of peace. Andrew Scotland teaches that if we devote time to God, we will find contentment in Him.

3 Episodes

What If

Pastor Andrew asks the question: What if humanity was faithful to God?

No Man is an Island

Pastor Andrew looks at how the Gospel is the truth for everyone, regardless of how individuals choose to customise it how they like.

In The Father's Hands

Pastor Andew Scotland reminds us of God's fatherly nature and that we are God's children and therefore how we can reflect that relationship with on another.

3 Episodes

Who is in the Mirror? (Worship 101)

Andrew looks at worship being our life and our lifestyle.

Faith Over Fear

Pastor Andrew shares on how we need to have healthy sense of faith and reverential fear in order to worship God.

The Binding of Isaac

Andrew Scotland looks at how worship is a sacrifice.

3 Episodes

Who We Serve

We are growing up with a generation of children who haven't been to church. Andrew Scotland explores how God wants to awaken His people to serve Him.

When We Shine

Jesus called us to reveal Him as light of the world. Andrew Scotland encourages us to be honourable and truthful in our lives.

Found not Lost

What is your motive for following Jesus or rejecting Him? Andrew Scotland revisits the parable of the prodigal son.