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Series 1 Season 12 Episodes

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12 Episodes

Grace Enterprises

Season 1 Episode 1 27m

Matt Parfitt introduces the series and talks with Ben Topliss and Samantha Parfitt about giving up everything they knew and founding Grace Enterprises in partnership with Grace Church.

Anglo Recycling

Season 1 Episode 2 26m

Matt Parfitt visits Simon Macaulay, chairman of Anglo Recycling, to see how he turned the company around after becoming a Christian, and how he builds trust with suppliers, customers and employees.

Just Helpers

Season 1 Episode 3 25m

Matt Parfitt speaks to Antoinette Daniels from Just Helpers and hears her incredible story of her journey from growing up in foster care to running a business.

Faith and Philanthropy

Season 1 Episode 4 22m

Matt Parfitt speaks with Tom Hall who shares his journey of faith, his call to work in the charity sector with the hope to make a difference, and becoming head of philanthropy services at UBS.

Kingdom Preschool

Season 1 Episode 5 27m

Matt Parfitt speaks to Penny Seward about Kingdom Preschool. We hear about how the Lord called her to set up a lovely childcare setting bringing glory to God each and every day.

House of Ilona

Season 1 Episode 6 21m

Matt visits Camelle Daley from House of Ilona to hear about the story behind her successful business of clergy fashion.


Season 1 Episode 7 26m

Matt Parfitt speaks to Gavin Murray, Co-founder of Just-Ice, an ice cream shop with a difference. The shop creates employment for people who have been exploited through trafficking and slavery, restoring their dignity and giving them hope and a future.

Red Umbrella

Season 1 Episode 8 26m

Matt Parfitt meets Tim and Manuela in Nottingham to find out how they are helping to combat the mental health epidemic with their business, Red Umbrella.

Lyrics and Lunch

Season 1 Episode 9 23m

Matt Parfitt speaks to Jeanette Main about setting up Lyrics and Lunch - a network of friendly singing and lunch groups which creates community for those living with dementia and their carers, based in Lancaster.

Food for Purpose

Season 1 Episode 10 23m

Shola Oladipo shares with Matt Parfitt how Food for Purpose offers support and education about health and wellbeing to Black and Asian minority ethnic (BAME) communities, faith groups, as well as health care providers.

Organise to Thrive

Season 1 Episode 11 22m

Matt Parfitt talks with Kate Brumley about how God inspired her to set up her business Organise to Thrive during the pandemic.

Green Pastures

Season 1 Episode 12 30m

Matt Parfitt talks with Andrew Cunningham about Green Pastures, based in Southport, who are working with churches to end homelessness.