Europe In Revival

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7 Episodes


Join Jon Colyer as he brings a pastoral word, identifying the warning signs of becoming worn out and burnt out.

The Most Powerful Spiritual Weapon

How do we walk in victory? Jon Colyer speaks about the battle we are in and how we overcome the attacks of the enemy.

Substituting Brass For Gold

Jon Colyer challenges us that we need to be prepared to feel like a fool for Christ, and die to the need for trying to impress people.

Crazy Praze - Part 2

Do we want to be unstoppable for God? Jon Colyer encourages us to get our praise on, as God inhabits the praises of His people.

Crazy Praze - Part 1

Do we have a lack of expectation? Jon Colyer invites us to get ready to lift up the name of Jesus with all out, powerful praise.

What About Me?

Jon Colyer speaks on how we are the apple of God's eye. He loves us so much and has an amazing plan and purpose for our life.

Europe In Revival

Jon Colyer, senior pastor of Gateway Christian Centre, shares his personal testimony and about the incredible time he witnessed his first miracle.

8 Episodes

Building a Relationship with the Holy Spirit

Join Jon Colyer and Grace Wheeler as they discuss the practical aspects of our relationship with the Holy Spirit and what it really looks like to be in communion with Him.

The Communion of the Spirit

Do you know the voice of the Holy Spirit? Join Jon Colyer as he speaks on true fellowship with the Holy Spirit and how we can recognise his attributes and personality.

The Different Ways the Holy Spirit Works in us

Jon Colyer shares with Grace Wheeler the way in which the Holy Spirit anoints us, and how this enables us to grow in ministry.

The Well, the River and the Rain

Are you looking for a refreshing from the Holy Spirit? Jon Colyer explores the scriptures that liken the Holy Spirit to water.

How we Become Like Those we Hang Around

How can we become transformed by Holy Spirit? Jon Colyer and Grace Wheeler sit down together and discuss the access the blood of Jesus gives us to Father God.

Changed by the Glory

How do we go from glory to glory? Jon Colyer looks at the liberty that the Holy Spirit gives, taking us from bondage in sin, to freedom in our life.

Making Room for the Holy Spirit

Join Jon Colyer and Grace Wheeler as they discuss different aspects of the Holy Spirit and our responses to Him.

The Holy Spirit & Revival

Jon Colyer introduces the series and shares his desire to see an outpouring of the Holy Spirit, that will glorify Jesus in the most incredible, spectacular way.

12 Episodes

This Day We Fight - Part 4

Jon Colyer discusses with Angela the topics throughout this series and how we can walk in the supernatural and remove strongholds.

This Day We Fight - Part 3

Anything Satan cannot destroy, he will try to distract. Jon Colyer speaks about spiritual warfare and the battle in the heavenly realms.

This Day We Fight - Part 2

A huge assignment of the enemy is to break down the church. Jon Colyer tackles the topic of the battleground of the church and how Jesus plans to build His church.

This Day We Fight - Part 1

How can we see things in the spiritual realm? Jon Colyer speaks on how we can inform ourselves about Satan's strategy to undermine the Gospel message.

Guard Your Heart - Part 4

Jon and Angela Colyer discuss the importance of us being diligent in guarding our hearts.

Guard Your Heart - Part 3

Jon Colyer teaches on the importance of watching our attitudes to see change in our external circumstances.

Guard Your Heart - Part 2

What are the signs of a healthy heart? Jon Colyer speaks about how God entrusts us to guard our heart and keep our mouth from corruption.

Guard Your Heart - Part 1

Jon Colyer gleans the wisdom from the book of Proverbs, teaching on how we should guard our heart, because life flows from it.

Being Connected

Jon and Angela Colyer discuss the what they've learned through their years of ministry about developing their relationship with the Holy Spirit.

Friendship With The Holy Spirit

It is incredible that we can be friends with God. Jon Colyer speaks about the Holy Spirit that connects us to glorify Jesus.

No More Condemnation

How does the Holy Spirit liberate us from guilt and shame? Jon Colyer teaches how the Holy Spirit inspires us to give glory to God.

Your Kingdom Come

What is my point and purpose? Jon Colyer teaches how God want to extend His heavenly kingdom through us.

12 Episodes

The Road To Glory - Part 4

Revival will be marked by prophecy, signs and wonders and salvation. Jon Colyer continues his talk on the power of the blood, fire and glory of God.

The Road To Glory - Part 3

God has a plan and a purpose for the world. Jon Colyer speaks about what living in holiness means and our connection with God.

The Road To Glory - Part 2

How do we walk in the manifestations of God's presence? Jon Colyer delves into the topics of the blood, the fire and the glory of God, that will be coming in the last days.

The Road To Glory - Part 1

We have a hope of God's glory through Christ Jesus. Jon Colyer shares how he prays for the fire of the Holy Spirit to transform lives.

Restoring The Key Of David

What can praising God do? Jon Colyer gives direction on unlocking wisdom for the situations we find ourselves in.

The Passover

Hear afresh about the power of the blood of Jesus with Jon Colyer, as he takes us through the significance of Passover.

Blood Covenant

The blood of Jesus causes us to be accepted by God. Jon Colyer unpacks the covenant we have established to bring us into God's promises.

I am Accepted by God

Freedom comes with the understanding the blood of Jesus Christ. Jon Colyer reminds us how we are adopted into God's family when we accept Jesus Christ.


Need a solution to a storm that is raging? Jon Colyer shares how the storms of life come about and how we can get through them.

Repossess The Land - Part 3

Jon Colyer gets fired up as he encourages us to pray and walk by faith, we are able to release the kingdom of Heaven, like rivers of living water.

Repossess The Land - Part 2

What happens when you walk and talk with God? Jon Colyer continues his talk on prayer walking and the impact it has on us and the community we live in.

Repossess The Land - Part 1

Prayer is powerful. Jon Colyer takes us through God's commission to Joshua before he entered and conquered the land of Jericho.

13 Episodes

Interview with Andrew Cannon - Part 2

The second part of the interview with Andrew Cannon as he futher unpacks his amazing testimony.

Interview with Andrew Cannon - Part 1

Jon Colyer speaks to evangelist Andrew Cannon, founder of Gospel Grenades, about his incredible testimony of transformation.

God Heal Our Land - Part 3

Heaven is God's will. Angela Colyer discusses with Jon how God brings restoration to a broken land.

God Heal Our Land – Part 2

Humility is so important. Jon Colyer encourages us that revival comes when we commit ourselves to pray for our nation.

God Heal Our Land - Part 1

Looking for victory? Jon Colyer discusses what is our place and responsibility in God's plan to heal the nations.

The Kingdom is Like a Seed - Part 2

God's word is like a key, we have to know how it works to use it effectively. Jon Colyer unpacks the parable of the scattered seed that Jesus told.

The Kingdom is Like a Seed – Part 1

Pastor Jon Colyer looks at what the Kingdom of Heaven is like in the context of a seed.

A Call to Worship - Part 3

Angela and Jon Colyer discuss how drawing closer to God in worship strengthens us and builds the throne of God.

A Call to Worship – Part 2

If you could take one thing on the battlefield to kill a giant, what would it be? Jon Colyer explores different expressions for our love for God.

A Call to Worship – Part 1

Jon Colyer shares testimony of how he became a worship leader and how he learnt how to rely on the Holy Spirit for the anointing of God.

The Next Generation - Part 3

Angela Colyer talks to Jon about praying for the faith of our children and how we can play our part in sharing Jesus with young people.

The Next Generation - Part 2

How can we protect the faith of the next generation? Jon Colyer encourages us to build our faith at home.

The Next Generation - Part 1

Join Jon Colyer as he introduces the series and looks at how the pandemic has affected the faith of children and young people.

11 Episodes

The Kingdom of God - Parts 1 & 2 discussion

Jon and Angela unpack the last two sessions about how the Kingdom of God is like a treasure.

The Kingdom - Part 2: The Kingdom has a Father

Pastor Jon continues the series on the Kingdom of God, focussing on how we can live with the awareness of the Father.

The Kingdom - Part 1: Treasure of my Heart

Pastor Jon tells us that the Kingdom of God is like a treasure - but there is more to Jesus than being the gateway to the Kingdom of God, He is the way we want to walk.

Discussion about Prayer

Jon and Angela unpack the topic of prayer, and how it develops our friendship with God.

Prayer Walking

Jon talks about his journey of prayer walking and how it has strengthened his relationship with God during the pandemic.

The Anointing - Parts 3 & 4 discussion

Jon Colyer sits down with Angela to chat about their experiences learning and growing in the anointing of God in their lives.

The Anointing - Part 4:

Pastor Jon talks on how the anointing must be poured out so as to release the gifts God has put inside of us.

The Anointing - Part 3

Pastor Jon talks on the anointing being the fruit of friendship and how we can operate in the power of the Spirit by being in relationship with God.

The Anointing - Parts 1 & 2 discussion

Ready for a fresh emphasis on the power of God? Jon and Angela Colyer discuss the spiritual climate of the church in a post pandemic era.

The Anointing - Part 2

When we are doers of the Word of God, we become blessed. Jon Colyer teaches and shares testimony of what happens when we are anointed by God.

The Anointing - Part 1

Being anointed by God makes all the difference. Jon Colyer shares how when strive for friendship with God, His anointing will come!

12 Episodes

Intimacy With God

Jon speaks to Michael Da Costa, senior pastor of New Nation Destiny Centre, about how we can have intimate conversations with God.

Whose report do you believe?

Pastor Jon is joined by Michael and Marlene Da Costa, pastors of New Nation Destiny Centre, to hear about their incredible journey over the last 8 years.

A Heart of Consecration

Jon Colyer leads us in a time of worship to reflect and respond to the previous weeks' discussion topics.

Unrenewed Minds - Part 2

Pastor Jon continues the topic of unrenewed minds by discussing with Angela about how we allow our minds to think about whatever we want without putting stops and checks in place.

Unrenewed Minds

Pastor Jon talks about the necessity of renewing our minds so that we can be sharp and attentive towards God.

Cold Hearted - Part 2

Jon and Angela unpack how many of us have gone through a season of pulling away from the faith.

Cold Hearted

Pastor Jon talks about how the body of Christ is struggling with cold hearts and unrenewed minds after coming out of the effects of the pandemic.

Worship - A Heart of Worship

Pastor Jon Colyer leads a time of worship, looking at how we can be more intimate in friendship with God through worshipping Him.

Pick Up Your Vision - Part 2

Jon Colyer continues looking at the topic of vision, this time focussing on what is God's purpose for us.

Pick Up Your Vision - Part 1

Pastor Jon speaks on the importance of holding tight on to the vision which doesn't change in the midst of circumstances that do.

Faith - Part 2: God of the Mountain

Pastor Jon talks about the signifcance of mountains, both in the Bible, and in our lives.

Faith - Part 1: God of the Valley

Pastor Jon shares on how we need to add patience to our faith when we're in a low place or it seems things aren't happening.

12 Episodes

Raised And Seated - From Factory To Fields Of Masses

In the final episode of the current series, Jon speaks to guest Andrew Cannon about how he came to be an evangelilst.

Raised And Seated - But Then Jesus Came

Jon is joined by guest Aaron Jarvis, senior pastor of LBC, who shares his incredible testimony.

A Secret Place

Jon Colyer leads a time of worship focussing on our growth in our walk with God.

Raised And Seated - Growth

Jon and Angela discuss how God prunes us so that we can grow.

Taking Off The Grave Clothes - part 2

Angela and Jon continue their discussion into how we need to acknowledge habits, attitudes and sinful behaviour that we need to let go of.

Taking Off The Grave Clothes - part 1

Jon and Angela look at the topic of spiritual lethargy.

Raised and Seated - Walking With God

Jon leads a session of worship for us to share time together in the presence of God.

Raised And Seated - Exercise Your Authority - part 2

Pastor Jon talks about a few things we need to know about dealing with the enemy on a day-to-day basis.

Raised And Seated - Exercise Your Authority

Jon describes how we start the process of exercising our authority.

Raised and Seated - Position Ourselves in Christ

Jon Colyer teaches on how we are in this world, but not of it - and the authority this gives us over the enemy

Raised and Seated in Heavenly Places

Pastor Jon continues the series on being raised and seated and the hope that it brings us.

Raised and Seated

Pastor Jon starts a new series focussing on how we are being raised and seated in heavenly places.

12 Episodes

Healed To Minister

Jon speaks to pastor Jonathan Miller from New Beginnings Church in Orlando, to hear about what God has brought upon his life.

When The Supernatural Happens

Jon is joined by Samuel Salkeld who shares his testimony of experiencing prophetic dreams and sensitivity to the Holy Spirit.

How To Be Storm Ready

Jon and Angela continue their discussion on storms, looking at how we come against forces stopping us completing God's assignment.


Jon and Angela continue their discussion on growth and maturity by looking at how we can handle the storms in life in a mature way.

How To Grow

Jon and Angela discuss what spiritual growth and maturity looks like.


Jon and Angela discuss the subject of spiritual growth in a season of stagnation.

Healing In His Wings

Jon leads us in time of worship so that we can press into the presence of the Lord.

Latter Rain

Pastor Jon leads us in an episode of worship, as we spend time praying for revival.

Friend of God - Trust In Him

Jon looks at our dependance and faith in God.

Friend Of God - Repentance

Pastor Jon teaches on how grace and repentance go together.

Friend Of God - Walk With God

Jon Colyer talks about the importance of growth, especially in walking with and knowing God.

Friend Of God - Growth

Jon begins a new series looking at what it means to be God's friend so that we can practically grow our friendship with God.