Grief and Awareness

Season 1 Episode 1 27m

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5 Episodes

The Church and Well-being

Sandra Godley sits down with Angela Gordon, Natassia Brown and Paula Powell to discuss how the church can be a place we can look after our physical, mental and spiritual well-being.

Youth Engagement in the Church

How can we get young people involved in church? Sandra Godley chats with Ilana Andrews, Andre Russell and Francesca Godley about growing up in church and what we can do to engage the youth.

Where Are We Going Musically?

Sandra Godley chats with O'Neil Dennis, Michelle John and Radman Rock about where we are going with Christian music and how it is moving forward.

Challenge of Leadership

Managing expectations can be tricky. Sandra Godley speaks to Angela Gordon, Helen Le Paul, Faith Maelys who share their heart and experiences as women of faith, in leadership.

Grief and Awareness

Sandra Godley sits down with Ottis Reynolds, Revd Canon Yvonne Tulloch and Lee Hart at the table to discuss how the church can reach out to those who are experiencing grief and loss.