God And Creativity

Series 1 Season 7 Episodes

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7 Episodes

Creative God, Creative You

Season 1 Episode 1 51m

Author and filmmaker Darren Wilson, along with his father Gary Wilson, introduce the series, beginning with exploring the story of creation.

A Creative Roadmap

Season 1 Episode 2 58m

What are the three Axioms of Creativity? Gary Wilson looks at the basic core principles of creativity.

The Process Of Destiny

Season 1 Episode 3 59m

God has a dream for everyone's life, but not everyone chooses to follow His will. Darren Wilson discusses how we can reach the fullness of our destiny.

The Origins Of Creativity

Season 1 Episode 4 59m

What we think affects how we create. Gary Wilson explores the major theories and psychology of creativity.

Tales From The Trenches

Season 1 Episode 5 56m

Success doesn't happen without failure. Darren and Gary Wilson both share what they have learnt, through trial and error, on their creative journey with God.

The Trinity Of Creativity

Season 1 Episode 6 54m

Gary Wilson shares ways in which we can find our true, unique style through what we create.

How To Change The World

Season 1 Episode 7 59m

A lot of people feel the call to make a significant difference in the world, but don't know how to get started. Darren Wilson challenges us to get up and partner with God on this journey of life.