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Season 1 Episode 1 24m

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5 Episodes

How to Lead Yourself Well

Mark conclude the current series about speaking into our soul, by looking at how we can live light and make good progress.

I Will Not Be Shaken

Mark teaches on how we can lean on God as our rock when our lives have been shaken up.

It's OK to Question Your Feelings

Mark looks at the example of King David who would speak to his soul in the Psalms.

The Power of Gratitude

Evangelist, Mark Ritchie, looks at the moments and events in life that expose our inner struggles.

Live Light

Mark Ritchie reveals how we can lead ourselves well when we take charge of our emotions and thoughts and speak into our soul.

4 Episodes

Don't Put your Life on silent

Mark presents the final part of the current series, looking at how we can win people to Christ, rather than push them away.

Don't Put Your Friends on Silent

Mark encourages us to not do things on our own but instead allow our friends to speak into our lives.

Don't Put Yourself on Silent

Mark speaks about how we can encourage ourselves when we're feeling negatively.

Don't Put God On Silent

Mark Ritchie looks at the things we should not be ignoring in our lives, starting with how God wants to speak to us.