TBN Presents: Mark Ritchie

Series 2 Seasons 9 Episodes

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4 Episodes

Don't Put God On Silent

Season 2 Episode 1 27m

Mark Ritchie looks at the things we should not be ignoring in our lives, starting with how God wants to speak to us.

Don't Put Yourself on Silent

Season 2 Episode 2 26m

Mark speaks about how we can encourage ourselves when we're feeling negatively.

Don't Put Your Friends on Silent

Season 2 Episode 3 26m

Mark encourages us to not do things on our own but instead allow our friends to speak into our lives.

Don't Put your Life on silent

Season 2 Episode 4 27m

Mark presents the final part of the current series, looking at how we can win people to Christ, rather than push them away.

5 Episodes

Live Light

Season 1 Episode 1 24m

Mark Ritchie reveals how we can lead ourselves well when we take charge of our emotions and thoughts and speak into our soul.

The Power of Gratitude

Season 1 Episode 2 23m

Evangelist, Mark Ritchie, looks at the moments and events in life that expose our inner struggles.

It's OK to Question Your Feelings

Season 1 Episode 3 23m

Mark looks at the example of King David who would speak to his soul in the Psalms.

I Will Not Be Shaken

Season 1 Episode 4 24m

Mark teaches on how we can lean on God as our rock when our lives have been shaken up.

How to Lead Yourself Well

Season 1 Episode 5 24m

Mark conclude the current series about speaking into our soul, by looking at how we can live light and make good progress.