TBN Selects: Will Van Der Hart

Series 1 Season 5 Episodes

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5 Episodes

Overcoming the Draw of Perfectionism

Season 1 Episode 1 25m

We are often bombarded by messages to achieve more and be better in life. Will Van Der Hart tackles the topic of perfectionism and putting our faith in Jesus.

Dealing with Doubt and Disappointment

Season 1 Episode 2 23m

Doubt is the opposite to our hope and optimism. Will Van Der Hart shares how we can handle doubt and disappointment which can follow us on our journey of faith with God.

Hold On

Season 1 Episode 3 23m

Why is waiting so uncomfortable? Will Van Der Hart takes a look at what the Bible says about patience.

Restoration for the Mourners

Season 1 Episode 4 24m

There is a time for mourning and grieving in our lives. Will Van Der Hart explores how engaging with grief can be beneficial for us.

New Confidence

Season 1 Episode 5 24m

Sustained and confident faith really matters. Will Van Der Hart shares how we can be renewed in our covenant in Jesus Christ.