Embrace The Journey

Series 9 Seasons 78 Episodes

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8 Episodes

Overcoming Doubt

Season 9 Episode 8 30m Wed 21 Feb 21:30

Everybody can have doubts. Becky Murray shares thoughts on how God handles our doubts and hurts.

Overcoming Trauma

Season 9 Episode 7 30m Wed 14 Feb 21:30

Trauma can be physical, emotional and spiritual. Becky Murray invites us to acknowledge our pain before God, in return for healing.

Overcoming Sickness

Season 9 Episode 6 30m Wed 07 Feb 21:30

If Jesus has overcome the world, can we overcome our everyday challenges? The answer is yes! Join Becky Murray, as she explores how we can overcome the challenges of life, that we were made to conquer

Overcoming Obstacles

Season 9 Episode 5 30m Wed 31 Jan 21:30

We cannot change the direction of the wind but we can adjust the position of our sails. Becky Murray encourages us to seek God in turning tragedy to triumph.

Overcoming Prejudices

Season 9 Episode 4 30m Wed 24 Jan 21:30

We can carry prejudice in our hearts without even realising it. Becky Murray encourages us to break down walls of judgements in our hearts and speaks to Peter Waddup from the Leprosy Mission about reaching people who are marginalised.

Overcoming Insecurities

Season 9 Episode 3 30m Wed 17 Jan 21:30

Fearful of stepping out in faith? Becky Murray shares her own experience of having to overcome being nervous and self conscious.

Overcoming Grief

Season 9 Episode 2 30m Wed 10 Jan 21:30

Losing someone we love can be devastating. Becky Murray talks Ness Wilson with about overcoming grief after the loss of two children.

Overcoming Barriers

Season 9 Episode 1 30m Wed 03 Jan 21:30

Join Becky Murray, as she explores how we can overcome barriers that hinder us in our calling and destiny with Christ and take back the ground.

9 Episodes

Breaking off Limitations

Season 8 Episode 1 30m Fri 21 Jun 14:00

Breaking off Limitations.

Breaking Off Limitations

Season 8 Episode 1 25m

Becky Murray hosts a new series, looking at breaking off the lies that we so often hold on to. In this episode, Becky focuses on breaking off the lies that hold us back from reaching our full potential or living a full life.

Breaking off Shame

Season 8 Episode 2 24m

When we carry a weight of shame on our shoulders, it can slow us down. Becky Murray speaks to Isaiah Raymond who shares his incredible story of redemption.

Breaking off the silence

Season 8 Episode 3 26m

Have you ever been so overwhelmed in your life that you felt as if you had been muted? Becky Murray focuses on how we can break through the silence and bring healing, hope and life.

Breaking Off Loneliness

Season 8 Episode 4 24m

Sarah Yardley talks to Becky Murray about tackling loneliness and how we can overcome the crippling impact it can have on our lives.

Breaking Off Perfectionism

Season 8 Episode 5 23m

Jesus speaks truth because he is truth. Becky Murray shares how there is a difference between striving for excellence and perfectionism.

Breaking Off Fear

Season 8 Episode 6 25m

The fight and flight response is very real. Warren Evans speaks with Becky Murray about building our life on faith instead of fear.

Breaking Off Control

Season 8 Episode 7 23m

Ever feel like a control freak? Becky Murray challenges us to surrender our lives to God and walk in obedience with His will.

Breaking Off the Ugly

Season 8 Episode 8 24m

Becky Murray delves into the story of Jacob, Rachel and Leah. Becky looks at how there is something inside all of us wanting to belong and to be accepted for who we are.

8 Episodes

Discover Your Why

Season 7 Episode 1 27m

What makes us tick? Becky Murray challenges us to discover our purpose in God and seeking out 'our why?'

Processing The Hard Why’s

Season 7 Episode 2 28m

We don't need to ignore or supress the need to know why when difficult things happen. Becky Murray encourages us to face our pain and bring it to God and quit blaming others.

Keep Your Why

Season 7 Episode 3 29m

God is never intimidated by our questions. Becky Murray shares as we bring areas of pain to God and choose to trust God through it all.

Why People Walk Away

Season 7 Episode 4 27m

It can be brutal when people we love, admire or care about walk away from our lives. Becky speaks openly and frankly with pastor Bill Wilson about experiencing rejection and also God's healing.

You and Your “Why” Need Community

Season 7 Episode 5 27m

Community is important. Becky Murray challenges us to have the right people around us to support us as week seek to live out our purpose.

Why Do Bad Things Happen To Good People?

Season 7 Episode 6 27m

No one escapes times of suffering. Becky Murray tackles one of the biggest questions we all grapple with and invites Pastor Bill Wilson back to hear from his experiences.

Why Cant I Break Free?

Season 7 Episode 7 28m

Becky is joined by Clyde and Rebekah Thomas, directors of Hope Centre Ministries UK, to look at how we can be released from a cycle of addiction or oppressive thoughts.

Walking Out Your Why

Season 7 Episode 8 28m

Becky challenges us to finish well by working out how to understand our God-given purpose.

13 Episodes

Walking Out Your Why

Season 6 Episode 16 30m Mon 17 Jun 10:00

Walking Out Your Why.

Why Do Bad Things Happen To Good People?

Season 6 Episode 14 30m Mon 10 Jun 10:00

Why Do Bad Things Happen To Good People?.

Why Can't I Break Free

Season 6 Episode 15 30m Mon 03 Jun 10:00

Why Can't I Break Free.

You and Your 'Why' Need Community

Season 6 Episode 13 30m Mon 27 May 10:00

You and Your 'Why' Need Community.

The Journey Of One by One

Season 6 Episode 1 45m

In this one-hour special edition, Becky Murray celebrates the 10-year journey of One by One; an organisation which has flourished into a movement that is touching nations across the world.

Then vs Now

Season 6 Episode 2 26m

Becky is joined by pastor Doug Williams to look at how we grapple with seasons in our past, and how we can move forward into the incredible future God has for us.

Justice vs Mercy

Season 6 Episode 3 28m

We all need mercy. Becky Murray shares a testimony of experiencing God's mercy and looks at stories in the Bible that demonstrate that God is a God of justice.

Pursue vs Providence

Season 6 Episode 4 26m

God's will, will be done! Becky Murray and John Glass challenge us to actively seek God's will for our lives and communities.

Determination vs Stubbornness

Season 6 Episode 5 28m

Becky Murray explores how being 'strong willed' is different to being 'stubborn' and wanting to always be right.

Faith vs Facts

Season 6 Episode 6 25m

Becky Murray chats to Mark and Sharon Hinde about their incredible battle and healing journey after contracting Covid-19.

Perception vs Perspective

Season 6 Episode 7 27m

Taking a deeper look at the story of King Rehoboam, Becky Murray challenges us to be aware of our lives on social media and not be all consumed by people's perception.

Destination vs Journey

Season 6 Episode 8 26m

Becky Murray chats with Dr Rachael Ita as they look at the importance of knowing our purpose and vision as we go on our journey through life.

Slave vs Free

Season 6 Episode 9 27m

Jesus sets us free from sin and shame. Becky Murray shares her heart for setting children free to live a full life, knowing Jesus, with her anti-slavery and anti-trafficking campaigns.

8 Episodes

Dealing with Rejection

Season 5 Episode 1 28m

Becky Murray returns for a new series of Embrace the Journey. In this episode, she shares on how we can deal with the pain that rejection brings.


Season 5 Episode 2 28m

Becky speaks to teach and author Dr John Andrews to discuss the important theme of forgiveness and share their personal journey with this topic.


Season 5 Episode 3 27m

Becky and Dr Jon Andrews discuss how we can work through moments of pain and disappointment, and journey through the storm.

Feeling Forgotten

Season 5 Episode 4 27m

Becky explores what we can do during seasons when we feel forgotten.

Living Whole

Season 5 Episode 5 27m

Becky is joined by pastors Steve and Esther Uppal to discuss living family live, church life, and spiritual life to the full.

Taking Thoughts Captive

Season 5 Episode 6 26m

Pastor Becky looks at how we can keep in check the negative thoughts we continuously play out in our minds.

Persevering in the Promise

Season 5 Episode 7 27m

Becky is joined by Richard Gamble, founder of the eternal wall of prayer, who shares about the dream he is now seeing come to fruition after many years.

Tipping Point

Season 5 Episode 8 28m

Becky Murray concludes this current series by looking at the tipping points in our lives, when we need to change into a new season.

8 Episodes

Through A Plague

Season 4 Episode 1 27m

How do we navigating our relationship with God through Covid-19. Becky Murray looks at how the Israelites handled their relationship with God through times of plagues.

When Navigating Change

Season 4 Episode 2 28m

Sometimes we can feel emotionally stretched. Becky Murray speaks about the way we experience transformation through changes in life, and how God remains our anchor through every season.

When You've Messed Up

Season 4 Episode 3 25m

Life is worth living! Becky Murray reminds us that when we make mistakes in life, God can still turn around the situation when we invite Him into it.

When You Feel Empty Handed

Season 4 Episode 4 27m

Ever felt unequipped for the situation you are in? Becky Murray looks at the the example of David taking up Goliath's sword to win a battle.

When Life Feels Out Of Control

Season 4 Episode 5 28m

God is sovereign and knows what tomorrow holds. Becky Murray encourages us to surrender to the King of kings, when life seems crazy and out of our control.

When You're Going Through Trials

Season 4 Episode 6 27m

No one is exempt from experiencing difficulties in life, even Jesus. Becky Murray brings a message of hope and points us to the purposes of God.

When Life Doesn't Feel Fair

Season 4 Episode 7 26m

It can be so hard to embrace the journey when life doesn't feel fair. Becky Murray takes us through Habakkuk's story of protest, provocation and the progress he made through his prayers.

While We're Trying To Impact Our World

Season 4 Episode 8 28m

How do we lift our eyes from ourselves and impact our communities and our world? Becky Murray reminds us how God has such a heart for family.

8 Episodes

First Things First

Season 3 Episode 1 28m

Becky Murray introduces the third series of Embrace The Journey, her family, mission and ministry. This programme is all about learning how we can live life to the full with Jesus as Lord of our life.

Overcoming Trials

Season 3 Episode 2 27m

Becky Murray chats to Anglican minister Joanna Jepson, who is no stranger to persecution and really living the life of a conqueror in Christ.

Cast The Nets

Season 3 Episode 3 26m

How can we appreciate the process and expedition in life? Becky Murray encourages us that we can impact the world we live in.

Between the Pit and the Palace

Season 3 Episode 4 27m

Finding the joy in every season of life can seem impossible, but not with God. Becky Murray teaches us that to appreciate summer, we have to go through winter.

Strike the Ground

Season 3 Episode 5 26m

Becky Murray looks at the passage in 2 Kings 13 with us, discovering biblical principles to help us thrive instead of just survive life.

Prophetically Impacting Communities

Season 3 Episode 6 26m

Determination and perseverance are key ingredients to answering the call of God on our life. Becky Murray delves deeper into the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

Healthy Rhythms

Season 3 Episode 7 28m

Reflect on your life with Becky Murray. Balancing our lives between work, family, relationships and ministry is tough, but we can learn to do this from a serene place of rest with Jesus Christ.

Matters of the Heart

Season 3 Episode 8 29m

How can we guard our heart to keep it pure? Becky Murray looks at 3 different hearts; a hard heart, a hemorrhaging heart and a healed heart.

8 Episodes

Clothed with Christ

Season 2 Episode 1 26m

God longs to journey with us, to talk with us, walk with us, and be with us. Becky Murray introduces the series, beginning with looking at the first people in the Bible who walked with the Lord.

God’s Engine Room

Season 2 Episode 2 26m

Is prayer powerful? Becky Murray talks to her good friend, Mulenga Chanda, about walking in tune with the Holy Spirit.

The Power of Humility

Season 2 Episode 3 26m

Can a healthy prayer life lead to humility? Becky Murray looks at how humility magnifies the power of the cross.

Can These Dry Bones Live?

Season 2 Episode 4 27m

How can we live victoriously and overcome the enemy? Becky Murray encourages us to get planted and rooted into the word of God.

It’s Time to Face Pharaoh

Season 2 Episode 5 26m

Becky Murray tackles the topic of boldness in this episode. One small voice can make all the difference when we step out in faith.

Let Them Hear You

Season 2 Episode 6 28m

Praise and worship should play an important part in our lives. Becky Murray looks deeper into the story of Paul and Silas breaking out of prison, in the book of Acts.

Carriers of Hope

Season 2 Episode 7 27m

Hope is more than selfish positive thinking, biblical hope is confident expectation that is unwavering. Becky Murray shares how we can impact one life at a time with the hope of Jesus Christ.

Intimacy with Christ

Season 2 Episode 8 27m

Don't miss the beauty of life. Becky Murray explains how intimacy with Jesus Christ is the most important key for life.

8 Episodes

God in the Waiting

Season 1 Episode 1 26m

Are you wishing away your life? Learn to embrace each season of our destiny, the highs and the lows, with Becky Murray.

What’s in your Hands?

Season 1 Episode 2 23m

Where do we begin when God asks us to do something? Becky Murray encourages to put what little we have, into the hands of God.

Protection for the Direction

Season 1 Episode 3 24m

We all wish for an easy journey, no bumps in the road, yet that is not often the case. Becky Murray reminds us that those moments can be the times that God teaches us the most.

Heartache to Triumph

Season 1 Episode 4 23m

Without the autumn there could be no spring. Becky Murray opens up about the passing of her father and how her Heavenly Father looks after her.

Touch the Wounds

Season 1 Episode 5 28m

There is something about touch that changes things. Becky Murray reads from John chapter 20 and the story of doubting Thomas.

Even if Not

Season 1 Episode 6 25m

Have you been through a time in your life where nothing has gone right? Becky Murray looks at how we can have faith in the midst of crisis.

Come and Rest

Season 1 Episode 7 24m

Do you ever think 'I'm too busy'? Becky Murray wants us to focus together on the importance of rest.

Hunger for More

Season 1 Episode 8 22m

Do you desire more of God? Becky Murray reminds us that we are all still learning and being transformed from glory to glory on the road of salvation.