TBN Presents: Ewen Robertson

Series 2 Seasons 10 Episodes

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9 Episodes

Three Dimensional Shepherding In The Church

Season 2 Episode 1 25m

Pastor Ewen talks about the three key ways we should do pastoral care in the church.

Building Up The City Of God

Season 2 Episode 2 26m

Ewen Robertson talks to us about building up the city of God in times of opposition and testing so that we can remain firm and resolute under pressure.

The Grain of Wheat that Dies, Brings Life

Season 2 Episode 3 27m

Ewen talks about how new life can spring forth from death.

Nehemiah and Zeal for God’s House

Season 2 Episode 4 26m

Ewen Robertson recounts the story of Nehemiah, and his characteristics that we should emulate.

Living for the Hope of the Coming King

Season 2 Episode 5 25m

Ewen considers what is the main theme of the Bible?

The Church in Unity, following the Mindset of Christ

Season 2 Episode 6 26m

Ewen Robertson looks at the book of Philippians and what was Paul's purpose for writing it.

God’s Glorious Salvation & Our Response

Season 2 Episode 7 24m

Ewen Robertson starts a three-part series on the first book of Peter and how it was written to encourage Christians and remind them who they are in Christ.

Participating in the Building of God’s People

Season 2 Episode 8 26m

Ewen describes how God is the master builder, building a spiritual house - the Church - and this serves as reminder for who we are and what God has done for us.

The Christian & Their Relationships

Season 2 Episode 9 26m

Everyone is designed for a relationship with God. Ewen Robertson looks at how God truly intended us to have relationships with Him and other people.

1 Episode

Baptism :The Obedience of Faith and Reception of Fire

Season 1 Episode 2 25m

Join Ewen Robertson as he speaks on Jesus ministry, which begins with His baptism in the Jordan River.