Inexplicable: How Christianity Spread to the Ends of the Earth

Series 1 Season 6 Episodes

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6 Episodes

Part 1: From the Cradle of Christianity

Season 1 Episode 1 1h 4s

Journey with us to the cradle of Christianity, as we track the early spread of the message of Jesus.

Part 2: Europe - Heroines & Heroes of the Faith

Season 1 Episode 2 59m

Meet heroines and heroes of faith who helped to spread the message of Jesus throughout Europe.

Part 3: Glory, Gold and God

Season 1 Episode 3 58m

Uncover the unknown stories from Latin America of God’s grace amidst horrific oppression, annihilation and death in the “New World” of Columbus and the Conquistadors.

Part 4: Mavericks in the New World

Season 1 Episode 4 58m

Fleeing religious persecution; did the Puritans discover a new “Eden” in North America? Would a European faith be accepted by Native peoples and African slaves?

Part 5: Asia - The Great Wall and Beyond

Season 1 Episode 5 58m

Why were the nations of Asia so resistant to the Christian message? Discover powerful stories of life and death in Part 5 of the six-part documentary series Inexplicable

Part 6: To The Ends of The Earth

Season 1 Episode 6 58m

Re-live how the message of Jesus traveled to the Southern Hemisphere and discover the land of greatest growth for Christianity today.