Pray with the Persecuted Church

Series 1 Season 9 Episodes

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9 Episodes


Season 1 Episode 2 29m

Emma and Dan focus on the women of the perscuted church with guest Henrietta Blyth, and hear testimonies from some inspirational ladies. Hear more about how you can be praying for Nigeria, the World Watch country for this week.


Season 1 Episode 3 27m

Emma and Dan hear testimonies of refugees from Yemen and West Africa and lead prayers for Afghanistan, this week's country on the World Watch List.


Season 1 Episode 5 26m

Emma and Dan talk about the impact that persecution has on families, hear more incredible testimonies, and focus on the World Watch List country for this week, Iraq.

Secret Believers

Season 1 Episode 6 27m

Dan, Emma, and guests discuss what it is like for Christians who follow Jesus in a places where Christianity is forbidden. They also look at this week's World Watch List country, Iran,


Season 1 Episode 7 28m

Dan and Emma, are joined by their guests to hear testimonies from Christians who have been held captive and to pray for those in prisons around the world. Eritrea is the focus for this week's World Watch List.

Young People

Season 1 Episode 8 28m

Dan, Emma and guests discuss how to pray for young people experiencing persecution, and turn their attention to Laos, ths week's country on the World Watch List.


Season 1 Episode 9 29m

Dan and Emma speak to Tania Bright, CEO of Home for Good about how we can help pray for single parents who's partners have been killed because of their faith. And we focus on Syria as this week's country on the World Wide Watch List.

Secret Ministry Workers

Season 1 Episode 10 29m

Dan and Emma are joined by Sam and Henrietta from Open Doors UK to unpack some of the reality of the lives of those who work in the underground church, nefore turning their attention to the World Watch List country of the week, India.


Season 1 Episode 11 29m

Dan and Emma look at the lives of the children of the persecuted church, who often pay a high price for following Jesus. We hear from Helene Fisher, a persecution researcher and analyst from Open Doors, and Bishop Shimun Daniel, a church leader from Iraq as well as nine-year old Eirene from Cambridge who has raised hundreds of pounds to support persecuted Christians.