The Power Of Prayer: Hey God - Part 1

Season 7 Episode 1 26m

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7 Episodes

Do You Know Who You Are?: Hey God - Part 7

Do we effectively walk in the authority God gives us? Andrew Owen teaches on how our perspective can affect the way we pray.

Persistent Prayer Always Wins: Hey God - Part 6

Andrew Owen reads from the book of Exodus looking at the story of the Israelite's victory over the Amelekites and how we can apply this to our prayer life.

Building Blocks Of A Working Prayer Life: Hey God - Part 5

How do we deal with condemnation? Andrew Owen brings Biblical truths about how we become a new creation in Christ.

The Prayer Of Faith: Hey God - Part 4

How can we learn to pray effectively? Andrew Owen delves deeper into the topic praying by faith.

Possessing The Gate Of The Enemy: Hey God - Part 3

Andrew Owen studies the promise of God to Abraham and how we, as descendants of Abraham, can take back the ground the enemy has taken.

A Pattern to follow: Hey God - Part 2

When was the last time God answered a prayer? Join Andrew Owen as he continues his adventure exploring the power of prayer and how it works.

The Power Of Prayer: Hey God - Part 1

Do you believe that we should pray everyday? Andrew Owen explores the power of prayer that changes nations!

7 Episodes

The Legacy of your Life: Response - Ability

Join Andrew Owen as he reads from the book of Galatians, exploring how the church can walk in the Holy Spirit.

The Legacy of your Life: A Love Worth Finding

Andrew Owen teaches from the book of Jonah and about how God loves us so much, He will never let us go!

The Legacy of your Life: Look and Live

Andrew Owen digs into the Word of God, reading about Moses and the Israelites during their wilderness experience.

The Legacy of your Life: Make Space for Grace

Andrew Owen teaches about the driving forces that are in our life and takes a good look at the grace that Jesus offers us.

The Legacy of your Life: The Vision Needs a Midwife.

Andrew Owen challenges us that our life is meant to make a difference! God has a plan for our life!

Growing Into your Destiny

Andrew and Sue Owen sit down together and discuss the way we grow and develop into what God has for us.

How to Find Breakthrough in Long Term Challenges

Join Andrew and Sue Owen as they share strategies for breaking through difficult situations, beginning with looking at Psalm 23.