Transformation Moments

Series 4 Seasons 180 Episodes

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60 Episodes

The Word

Season 4 Episode 1 2m

Jonathan Oloyede reminds us that the Bible and the Holy Spirit are the two most transformative agents in the world.

Prophetic Office

Season 4 Episode 2 3m

Abbiih Oloyede shares how it is time to arise and declare what God impresses on our heart.

In The Beginning

Season 4 Episode 3 3m

Jonathan Oloyede marvels at how God brought something from nothing to create everything.

You Can Prophesy

Season 4 Episode 4 3m

Abbiih encourages us to be bold and speak out the Word of God.


Season 4 Episode 5 3m

Jonathan reflects on what Noah went through living in a time of moral decline.

Prophets: God, False and Pagan

Season 4 Episode 6 3m

Abbiih urges us to be discerning about what type of phrophet a message comes from.


Season 4 Episode 7 3m

Jonathan reflects on how we can stop resisting God and do things His way rather than on our own.

Prophetic Discernment

Season 4 Episode 8 3m

Abbiih explains how she determines whether the promptings she gets are from the Holy Spirit.


Season 4 Episode 9 2m

Jonathan considers how the way Abraham related to God can be a lesson for us.

Prayer And The Prophetic Gift

Season 4 Episode 10 3m

Abbiih shares when is a good time to share a prophetic word.


Season 4 Episode 11 3m

Jonathan looks at story of the Abraham and Isaac and how we can use that as inspiration to trust in God when we are asked to make sacrifices.

Prophetic Interpretation

Season 4 Episode 12 3m

Abbiih speaks on how prohecies and visions depend on who is interpreting them.


Season 4 Episode 13 3m

Jonathan Oloyede speaks on what we can learn from the life and character of Jacob and God's plan for his life.

Prophetic Future Event

Season 4 Episode 14 3m

Abbiih Oloyede explores how the prophets in the Old Testament spoke about the coming of Jesus Christ.


Season 4 Episode 15 2m

Jonathan Oloyede talks about Joseph and the different phases of his journey of faith.

Prophets and the Battle of the Mind

Season 4 Episode 16 3m

Abbiih speaks into the importance of preparing our minds to be a battlefield when we speak for the Lord and not to be afraid of our adversary.

Moses - Part 1

Season 4 Episode 17 3m

Jonathan looks at the signficance of Moses' encounter with God at the burning bush and what we can learn from that to improve our prayer life.

Prophet Be Humble

Season 4 Episode 18 3m

Abbiih Oloyede shares how it is important to worship only God, not the person who is being a mouthpiece for Him.

Moses - Part 2

Season 4 Episode 19 3m

Jonathan Oloyede invites us to tap into receiving a revelation of our purpose from God.

The Prophet and Fear

Season 4 Episode 20 2m

It isn't unusual to be fearful after a supernatural experience. Abbiih Oloyede shares how God understands our concerns and we can come to Him with all our anxiety.

Moses - Part 3

Season 4 Episode 21 3m

Jonathan Oloyede looks at the faith of Moses when he was caught between the army of Egypt and the Red Sea.

Word of Wisdom

Season 4 Episode 22 3m

The gift of wisdom is one we should all desire. Abbiih Oloyede describes the difference between wisdom of the world and wisdom from God.

The Wilderness

Season 4 Episode 23 2m

We can all encounter trials and difficult times, Jonathan Oloyede prays for us that we can face our trials with patience and draw on God's strength.

Word Of Knowledge

Season 4 Episode 24 3m

Abbiih shares on the prophetic gift of receiving a words of knowledge and how the Holy Spirit reveals things to us.

Joshua - Part 1

Season 4 Episode 25 3m

Jonathan talks about one of his favourite biblical characters, Joshua, and how he represents victorius Christian life

Prophetic Discernment

Season 4 Episode 26 3m

Abbiih shares how we can differentiate between right and wrong and good and evil with the gift of discernment.

Joshua - Part 2

Season 4 Episode 27 3m

Jonathan Oloyede shares that when we have big decisions to make about our relationships, our careers, or where we live, as Christians we should make sure we are walking in step with God's will for our lives.

The Prophetic Office

Season 4 Episode 28 3m

Abbiih Oloyede looks at the primary function of a prophet and the reasons why Jesus was known as a prophet.

Joshua - Part 3

Season 4 Episode 29 3m

Jonathan Oloyede explores the divine specific instructions from God that were given to Joshua for the battle of Jericho.

Prophetic Dreams

Season 4 Episode 30 3m

Does God speak to us in dreams? Abbiih Oloyede explores how a supernatural night vision can brings insight to a situation.

Possessing The Land

Season 4 Episode 31 3m

Jonathan Oloyede explores how the story of the Israelites finding the promised land compares to our own walk of faith today, as we learn to return to living righteously after like the Israelites we sin.

Prophetic Visions

Season 4 Episode 32 3m

God uses visions to communicate with people. Abbiih Oloyede explores how God desires to further His plan and offer us information.


Season 4 Episode 33 2m

Jonathan Oloyede talks about the Bible character of Deborah and how she rose to become a leader of men.

Are All Prophetic Words From God?

Season 4 Episode 34 3m

Abbiih speaks on what to do when our interpretation of a vision is not accurate


Season 4 Episode 35 3m

Jonathan talks about his admiration for Gideon, the local lad who becomes a hero.

Prophetic Words Long Standing Issues

Season 4 Episode 36 3m

Abbiih Oloyede teaches on how prophetic words are used to encouage and build up the body of Christ.

Samson - Part 1

Season 4 Episode 37 2m

Jonathan Oloyede talks about some of the weaknesses Samson had, and how we should not be led by our feelings.

Prophetic Word - Emotional Responses

Season 4 Episode 38 3m

Abbiih Oloyede offers us practical advice to refocus our thoughts after we experience an amygdala hijacking.

Samson - Part 2

Season 4 Episode 39 3m

Jonathan Oloyede speaks on how we should grow in discipline and take responsibility as leaders.

Genesis 1:26-28

Season 4 Episode 40 3m

Abbiih looks at how we were created to have relationship with one another and why we should engage our mind system as well as the spiritual system.

Ruth - Part 1

Season 4 Episode 41 3m

Jonathan looks at the example of Ruth and her story of redemption despite a bad start.

Revelation 12:11

Season 4 Episode 42 3m

Pastor Abbiih encourages us to share our own testimony as it is an eyewitness of account of deliving and saving power of Jesus

Ruth - Part 2

Season 4 Episode 43 2m

God resists the proud but gives grace to the humble. Jonathan Oloyede describes how humility makes us more submissive to the will of God.

Prophetic Insights

Season 4 Episode 44 3m

Abbiih encourages us not to panic if we receive visions from God by reminding us of the example of Daniel.


Season 4 Episode 45 3m

Jonathan speaks on the importance for parents to instill discipline on their children and that we should ask God for wisdom.

Prophetic Insights - Keys to Interpretation

Season 4 Episode 46 3m

Abbiih gives us some practical tips for interpreting dreams.


Season 4 Episode 47 3m

What should we ask God for? Jonathan Oloyede looks at what King Solomon asked God for and what he was given.

Prophetic Insights - Stewardship

Season 4 Episode 48 3m

Stewarding what we have carefully means more can be given to us. Abbiih Oloyede shares how stewardship expresses our obedience to God.


Season 4 Episode 49 3m

Hannah gives God back the gift that was most dear to her. Jonathan Oloyede shares how without Hannah's faith, we wouldn't have had the Samuel the prophet.

Common Dream Symbols - Houses, Schools, Vehicles and Storms

Season 4 Episode 50 3m

Abbiih Oloyede shares the meanings behind symbols and places we see in our dreams. Dreams can play a part in us understanding our destiny.

The Place of Prayer

Season 4 Episode 51 3m

Jonathan Oloyede invites us to pray over our situations using words inspired by the Holy Spirit.

Common Dream Symbols - Soaring, Being Naked, and Teeth

Season 4 Episode 52 3m

Abbiih Oloyede explores more symbols in our dreams that can be warnings, encouragements and a sign to gain more wisdom.


Season 4 Episode 53 3m

Jonathan Oloyede shares what we can learn from the story of Saul being chosen as King by the Israelites.

Common Dream Symbols - Dying, Showers, Falling and Birth

Season 4 Episode 54 2m

Abbih Oloyede invites us to enjoy the cleansing of God when we dream of showers!

David - Part 1

Season 4 Episode 55 2m

Jonathan Oloyede blesses us with a prayer that we become a man/woman after God's own heart like King David.

Common Dream Symbols - Chased, Relatives, Nightmares and Snakes

Season 4 Episode 56 3m

Experiencing any nightmares? Abbiih Oloyede challenges us to stand up against the fear.

David - Part 2

Season 4 Episode 57 3m

Jonathan looks at the example of David and Goliath to find inspiration to combat our own giants in our lives.

Common Dream Symbols - Animals, Doors, Watches and Scriptures

Season 4 Episode 58 3m

Abbiih looks at more themes that we dream about including hearing God's voice when we dream about Bible verses.

The Place of Sacrifice

Season 4 Episode 59 3m

Jonathan speakes into the relationship between sacrifice and blessing using the example of Abraham.

Dictionary of Symbols - Colours and Numbers

Season 4 Episode 60 3m

Abbiih Oloyede looks at the meaning behind colours and numbers in our dreams

60 Episodes

It Starts With God

Season 3 Episode 1 3m

Jonathan Oloyede looks to God for our inspiration in becoming good leaders and good followers.

The Power Of Thought

Season 3 Episode 2 3m

Abbiih Oloyede identifies the thoughts that we should be conscious of that can impact our behaviour.

You Have Come To Serve Not Be Served

Season 3 Episode 3 3m

If we want to be a great leader we have to look to Jesus. Jonathan looks at how our desire towards serving affects our leadership.

Thought Intrusions

Season 3 Episode 4 3m

Abbiih reminds us that is normal to have negative intrusive thoughts but thankfully the Word of God can reframe our mind.

It Is About The Gospel Ultimately

Season 3 Episode 5 2m

Jonathan urges us not to be distracted by idols that take our focus away from God.

Junk Thoughts

Season 3 Episode 6 3m

Abbiih helps us to recognise thought intrusions that are no good for us.


Season 3 Episode 7 2m

When perils and pain come our way, God is with us. Jonathan talks about the sensitive subject of suffering.

Sinful Thought Intrusions

Season 3 Episode 8 3m

Abbiih gives us some helpful suggestions of how we can deal with sinful thought instrusions.

Do Not Trust In People

Season 3 Episode 9 3m

Jonathan encourages us to put our trust in God rather than in things or people.

Peace of Mind

Season 3 Episode 10 3m

God offers us peace that passes all understanding! Abbiih reminds us that peace is available to us as a gift from God.

Have a Balanced Life

Season 3 Episode 11 3m

Jonathan reminds us that our job is not to save the world, but to serve the Lord.

Dealing with Stress

Season 3 Episode 12 3m

Abbiih looks at the different types of stress that we can encounter in our lives, and how we can manage it.

Character Is Key

Season 3 Episode 13 3m

Jonathan reflects on the power of character so that we can reflect Christ and His Kingdom well.

Meditation / Mindfullness

Season 3 Episode 14 3m

Abbiih focuses on our ability to concentrate on reflection and contemplation.

The Role of your Heart

Season 3 Episode 15 3m

Jonathan speaks on the importance of us being connected to the heart and mind of God.

How to Regulate your Emotions

Season 3 Episode 16 3m

Abbiih thinks about the critical role emotions have on how we live our lives.

Definitions of Leadership

Season 3 Episode 17 3m

Jonathan defines what it is that makes someone a strong leader.

Do I Need Therapy?

Season 3 Episode 18 3m

Do Christians need therapy? Abbiih Oloyede encourages us not to be in denial and to ask for help if we need it.

Called to Serve

Season 3 Episode 19 3m

Heaven's idea of leadership is quite different to the World's. Jonathan looks at the leadership style of Jesus.

Heal My Heart Lord!

Season 3 Episode 20 3m

Our heart is the engine room of our thought patterns. Abbiih speaks on the hardness of our hearts.

The Goal of Leadership

Season 3 Episode 21 3m

Jonathan teaches on the incentive that should be the focus for everyone of us involved in leadership and in ministry.

How to Forgive

Season 3 Episode 22 3m

Harbouring a grudge is never good for us. Abbiih reminds us that forgiveness should be part of our day-to-day life.

The Crowns

Season 3 Episode 23 3m

We should not be complacent in our faith. Jonathan speaks on the 5 crowns mentioned in the New Testament.

Steps to Forgiveness

Season 3 Episode 24 3m

Our emotions are important to God. Abbiih urges us to practice forgiveness by acknowledging the way we feel.

Leaders Make Things Happen

Season 3 Episode 25 3m

Pastor Oloyede looks at the example of Jonathan, son of Saul, who showed initiative to change the status quo.

Thought Instructions and the Prophetic

Season 3 Episode 26 3m

Abbiih teaches on how we can tell the difference between the prophetic voice of God from dangerous thought instructions.

The Crown of Righteousness

Season 3 Episode 27 2m

We are called to be righteous. Jonathan shares a vision for our Christian leaders.

My Inner Thoughts

Season 3 Episode 28 3m

Abbiih challenges us to direct our thoughts by switching negative thoughts about ourselves for positive ones.

You are an Overcomer

Season 3 Episode 29 3m

We are not defeated! Jonathan reminds us that, thanks to Jesus, we have already won.

How to Control your Tongue

Season 3 Episode 30 3m

Words are powerful. Abbiih shares some tips on how we can tame our tongue.

The Crown of Life

Season 3 Episode 31 3m

Jonathan has a message for all believers and leaders to have conviction and unshakeable faith.

When Prayer is Not Answered

Season 3 Episode 32 3m

God is always in control. Abbiih shares an encouragement for when our prayers aren't answered how we wanted.

Who is Driving?

Season 3 Episode 33 3m

Jonathan prays that we let our selfish identity take a back seat and let Jesus take us to where He wants us to be.

Dealing With Fear

Season 3 Episode 34 3m

No one wants to be fearful. Abbiih prays that we experience the peace of God.

You are the Light

Season 3 Episode 35 2m

Jonathan reminds us that Jesus says we are the light of the world.

God's Steward

Season 3 Episode 36 3m

Abbiih reminds us that the Earth is the Lord's and that we are managers of it on His behalf.

Ego and Leadership

Season 3 Episode 37 3m

We must not let our inner desires and ego get in the way of being effective leaders. Jonathan has a word for leaders and aspiring leaders.

Angels Around Us!

Season 3 Episode 38 3m

Abbiih encourages us to be conscious of angelic realm that surrounds us.

The Trojan Horse

Season 3 Episode 39 2m

Jonathan warns of how sin can override our decisions and leads us in prayer against it.

Be Angel Conscious

Season 3 Episode 40 3m

Each of us have angels around us. Abbiih encourages us to be aware of their presence and the way they serve.

Arrest Yourself!

Season 3 Episode 41 3m

We can be our own worst enemy sometimes. Jonathan teaches on how we can arrest the enemy within us.

Angels & Prayer

Season 3 Episode 42 3m

Prayer works. Abbiih teaches on how angels play active roles in our prayers.

How to be Joyful!

Season 3 Episode 43 3m

Longing for divine energy and creativity? Jonathan shares an important key for us to find joy in life.

Angels & the Word

Season 3 Episode 44 3m

Abbiih speaks on how angels are assigned to serve us by responding to the Word of God.

Living The Life

Season 3 Episode 45 3m

We have been raised to new life with Jesus. Jonathan urges us to focus our thoughts on God's thoughts about us.

Angels, Dreams and Visions

Season 3 Episode 46 3m

Angels often bring announcements in dreams. Abbiih challenges us to be more aware of angelic activities in our mind.

Harmony Breeds Symphony

Season 3 Episode 47 3m

Unity is so important. Jonathan teaches on the importance of working harmoniously within the Church.

Angels & Destiny

Season 3 Episode 48 3m

Abbiih teaches on how God sends spiritual resources to us to fulfill our assignments and tasks.


Season 3 Episode 49 3m

Godly wisdom is the principal thing we should try to attain. Jonathan talks about the two types of wisdom in the Bible

Angels & Corporate Prayers

Season 3 Episode 50 3m

The Lord sends angels to help us. Abbiih speaks on the power of angels in a praying church.

Wisdom in Action

Season 3 Episode 51 3m

Jonathan examines the book of Proverbs to get insight on how to apply biblical wisdom

Characteristics of Angels

Season 3 Episode 52 3m

What does the Bible say about angels? Abbiih looks at seven characteristics of angels.

Leaders are Driven by Vision

Season 3 Episode 53 2m

We are here by divine design. Jonathan prays that we will hear clearly the call God has for our lives.

The Conscious and Subconscious Mind

Season 3 Episode 54 3m

Abbiih shares how we can change our unhelpful subconscious thoughts.

Leaders Live by Example

Season 3 Episode 55 3m

Jonathan encourages us to be an example to other believers in Word, conduct, love, Spirit, faith and purity.

The Mind Work

Season 3 Episode 56 3m

Abbiih encourages us that the Holy Spirit can help us can work through all difficult experiences.

The Secret of Great Leadership

Season 3 Episode 57 3m

There was no other leader like Jesus. Jonathan looks at the secret to Jesus' great leadership.

Who are You connected to?

Season 3 Episode 58 3m

God never wanted man to be lonely. Abbiih looks at how God created a system for social well-being.

Character Over Charisma

Season 3 Episode 59 3m

People judge by outward appearance but the Lord looks at the heart. Jonathan looks at the pitfalls we can encounter when choosing a leader.


Season 3 Episode 60 3m

Our Father is a good God. Abbiih encourages us to count our blessings and remember what God has done for us.

30 Episodes

You Have to Really See

Season 2 Episode 1 3m

How can we exercise our faith? Jonathan Oloyede speaks on the gift of prophecy.

Life Lessons from the Proverbs 31 Woman

Season 2 Episode 2 3m

Abbiih Oloyede shares the context for the Proverbs 31 Woman and what we can learn from her.

The Beautiful Side of Falling Down and Getting Up

Season 2 Episode 3 3m

When we fail and fall down in life, the beauty is we can get back up again. Jonathan Oloyede encourages us through the story of Moses and how he returned to Egypt to set the Israelites free.

The Perfect Woman

Season 2 Episode 4 3m

Christ should be our foundation. Abbiih Oloyede encourages us to pursue after godliness and honour God.

Godliness with Contentment is Great Gain

Season 2 Episode 5 3m

Fame and wealth does not offer happiness. Jonathan Oloyede warns of the dangers of greed and becoming unsatisfied with what we have.

Her Relational Dynamics

Season 2 Episode 6 3m

We don't like to be controlled but we like to control. Abbiih Oloyede speaks on the topics of power, effect and respect in our relationships.

Fear is a Virus but God's Love is the Vaccine

Season 2 Episode 7 3m

We cannot be separated from God's love. Jonathan Oloyede shares the how God's lavish love drives out our anxiety and fear.

Her Work Ethic

Season 2 Episode 8 3m

Abbiih Oloyede examines the diligence of the Proverbs 31 Woman and how we can learn from the discipline, positive attitude and hard work she demonstrates.

Mission Impossible

Season 2 Episode 9 3m

How do we stay focused on what is important? Jonathan Oloyede reminds us of Jesus last words to His disciples, before he ascended into heaven, known as the Great Commission.

Her Creativity

Season 2 Episode 10 3m

How can we steward our resources well? Abbiih Oloyede explores the creativity of the Proverbs 31 Woman and how she used what she had to provide for her family.

Be Fruitful and Multiply

Season 2 Episode 11 3m

What is God's will for us? Jonathan Oloyede looks at the principle of abiding in God's love to enable us to be fruitful in our life.

Her Emotions

Season 2 Episode 12 3m

Our behaviour doesn't need to be controlled by our emotions. Abbiih Oloyede encourages us to strengthen ourselves in God to keep our emotions in check.

You are the Light of the World

Season 2 Episode 13 3m

How can we be effective in sharing the Gospel? Jonathan Oloyede shares how we can easily be salt and light in our home, community and workplace.

Her Confidence

Season 2 Episode 14 3m

We have need of endurance in life. Abbiih Oloyede inspires us to increase our confidence in ourselves and in our abilities.

God Sees You in You

Season 2 Episode 15 3m

God see our potential and purpose. Jonathan Oloyede recounts the story of Gideon and how God called him to be a great leader despite his social status.

Her Wisdom

Season 2 Episode 16 3m

Are we aware of what we say? Abbiih Oloyede challenges us to consider the negative things we say to others about ourselves and become a blessing instead.

You are a Minister

Season 2 Episode 17 3m

Every Christian has been given a ministry. Jonathan Oloyede reminds us we are called to minister the gospel of reconciliation everywhere we go.

Her Responsibility

Season 2 Episode 18 3m

We shouldn't blame others for our mistakes. Abbiih Oloyede shares how we should learn to take responsibility for our actions.

Unspeakable Joy

Season 2 Episode 19 3m

Joy from the Lord is unstoppable. Jonathan Oloyede explains how we can be glad and be blessed despite experiencing trails.

What Are You Hiding?

Season 2 Episode 20 3m

We are all gifted in one way or another. Jonathan Oloyede encourages us to share our talents with the world so we can be a blessing.

Her Generosity

Season 2 Episode 21 3m

Are we focused on ourselves too much? Abbiih Oloyede challenges us to be generous with our time, resources and finances.

Her Faith / Devotional Life

Season 2 Episode 22 3m

Christ is our foundation. Abbiih Oloyede invites us to take time out to seek God's will regularly for our lives.

Turning Monday into Sunday

Season 2 Episode 23 3m

Our work is worship to God. Jonathan Oloyede reminds us we are serving God as we go out to work and we should give God glory every day.

You Are A Prophet

Season 2 Episode 24 3m

As Christians, we can all be led by the Holy Spirit. Jonathan Oloyede challenges us to learn to hear the voice of God within us.

Her Personal Development

Season 2 Episode 25 3m

Step out! Abbiih Oloyede encourages us to continue growing and developing our mind, body and soul.

Her Husband

Season 2 Episode 26 3m

Marriage is hard work. Abbiih Oloyede offers some top tips for wives and husbands in their relationships.

Work from Rest Rather than Rest from Work

Season 2 Episode 27 3m

Rest is a gift from God. Jonathan Oloyede teaches on the importance of taking a sabbath rest in Christ.

Her Temperament

Season 2 Episode 28 3m

What is our temperament like? Abbiih Oloyede encourages us to become more self aware to understand ourselves better and work on different areas in our life.

To Lead You Must Be Led

Season 2 Episode 29 3m

What makes a great leader? Jonathan Oloyede shares principles of good and effective leadership.

Her Children

Season 2 Episode 30 3m

Our actions leave marks on our children's souls. Abbiih Oloyede explores the ways we can be supportive parents to our children.

30 Episodes


Season 1 Episode 1 3m

Hope is like seeing light in the darkness! Abbiih Oloyede reads from Job chapter 14.

Christ Is The Foundation

Season 1 Episode 2 3m

We are God's fellow workers. Jonathan Oloyede shares how the very basis of our faith should be build on Christ and the Word of God.

Managing Your Emotions

Season 1 Episode 3 3m

We cannot escape emotions, but we can change our focus and response. Abbiih Oloyede encourages us to think on good things and manage our emotions.

You Are Spirit

Season 1 Episode 4 3m

Jonathan Oloyede shares one of the most amazing statements in the Bible; we are born of God, the most powerful creator in the universe.


Season 1 Episode 5 3m

There are some simple ways we can boost our self worth and self-esteem. Abbiih Oloyede encourages us that we are fearfully and wonderfully made.

Cost of Discipleship

Season 1 Episode 6 3m

Jonathan Oloyede shares his testimony of being disowned by his family because of choosing to follow Jesus.


Season 1 Episode 7 3m

What does it mean to renew our mind? Abbiih Oloyede encourages us to spend time reading and meditating on the Word of God, to take care of our mind.

How To Have A Vibrant Prayer Life

Season 1 Episode 8 3m

Catch an understanding of intimacy with God as Jonathan Oloyede invites us to discover the secret place of prayer.


Season 1 Episode 9 3m

Tired of feeling disappointed by people? Abbiih Oloyede encourages us to adjust our perspective and manage our expectations of others.

The Marathon Spirit

Season 1 Episode 10 3m

We are called to persist in prayer until something happens. Jonathan Oloyede shares his testimony of praying for his family's salvation.

Power of Choice

Season 1 Episode 11 3m

Everyday we make choices. Abbiih Oloyede explains how our attitude and happiness is a choice and we chose who we serve.

What Is The Gospel?

Season 1 Episode 12 3m

Ready to share what we have received? Jonathan Oloyede looks at what the Bible says the Gospel is.


Season 1 Episode 13 3m

It is easier said than done not to worry. Abbiih Oloyede challenges us to think on things that are beautiful, true, noble and authentic.

Greater is He in You - The Holy Spirit

Season 1 Episode 14 3m

As Christians, we can be sure the Holy Spirit lives in us. Jonathan Oloyede prays for us to receive an overflow of the Holy Spirit to release the gifts of the spirit.


Season 1 Episode 15 3m

How do we manage our talents and our resources? Abbiih Oloyede speaks about utilising what we have for the glory of God.

Hallmarks of a Disciple

Season 1 Episode 16 3m

How can we be an excellent example to others? Jonathan Oloyede shares what it means to be holy and set apart for Christ.

Relationship Builder

Season 1 Episode 17 3m

Love never gives up! Abbiih Oloyede shares how we are created to relate to one another and how we can strengthen our relationships.


Season 1 Episode 18 3m

We all need to take time out to reflect with God. Jonathan Oloyede explains how meditating on God's Word can reveal so much wisdom for our lives.

The God Factor

Season 1 Episode 19 3m

Faith is such an important factor in our lives. Abbiih Oloyede describes how we can cultivate a full experience of salvation.

Faith Does Not Need Glasses

Season 1 Episode 20 3m

We walk by faith not by sight. Jonathan Oloyede invites us to grasp what is visible to our faith, not our eyes.

Self Awareness

Season 1 Episode 21 3m

Do we understand ourselves? Abbiih Oloyede challenges us to become consciously aware of our personality, motivations and emotions.

Am I Saved?

Season 1 Episode 22 3m

How can we be 100% sure of our faith? Jonathan Oloyede encourages us to test and evaluate our faith in God.


Season 1 Episode 23 3m

Feeling confident? Abbiih Oloyede shares practical ways to fight our fears and accept who we are in Christ.

The Scriptures

Season 1 Episode 24 3m

How often do we read the Bible? Jonathan Oloyede reminds us how the Bible equips and transforms us for every good work.


Season 1 Episode 25 3m

It is great to gain advice from the experiences of others. Abbiih Oloyede speaks about the benefits of being mentored and mentoring others.


Season 1 Episode 26 3m

Prayer should be enjoyable. Jonathan Oloyede shares how we can effectively connect with God and invite God to connect with us.


Season 1 Episode 27 3m

Are we aware of our perspective? Abbiih Oloyede challenges us to make sure we develop our knowledge and understanding to balance our perspective.

The Mind of God

Season 1 Episode 28 3m

What does God think about us? Jonathan Oloyede describes how we can download spiritual information and be successful in God's destiny for us.


Season 1 Episode 29 3m

Smiling is a form of therapy. Abbiih Oloyede delves into what the scriptures says about laughter and joy.

Coincidences Happen When You Pray

Season 1 Episode 30 3m

Prayer takes us on exciting adventures. Jonathan Oloyede encourages us to never stop interceding and praying.