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Series 1 Season 6 Episodes

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6 Episodes

I Feel Overwhelmed

Season 1 Episode 1 12m

Tom Limebear share how we can exchange our weaknesses of feeling anxious, stressed or exahusted, with God's almighty power.

The Cross Means we are Loved

Season 1 Episode 2 15m

How do we view the cross of Jesus Christ? Tom Limebear takes us through understanding God's sacrificial love for us.

God the Father, Not God the Boss

Season 1 Episode 3 15m

Ever lost something valuable? Tom Limebear takes a deeper look at the parables Jesus told about the lost sheep, lost coin and lost son.

Goodbye Shame

Season 1 Episode 4 14m

Shame is the enemy of our freedom. Tom Limebear shares how we can accept the freedom that Christ has won on our behalf on the cross.

Declare and Decree

Season 1 Episode 5 23m

What happens when we receive a prophetic word from God? Tom Limebear walks us through how to plan for God's will to come to pass.

God Knows Your Name

Season 1 Episode 6 18m

We are often bombarded by negative messages about ourselves every day. Tom Limebear encourages us that we are known, loved and created by God.