TBN Presents: Dave Smith

Series 1 Season 4 Episodes

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4 Episodes

Living The Dream: God's Great Purpose

Season 1 Episode 1 23m

Dave Smith challenges us to live out God's vision for our life, taking an in depth look at the life of Joseph in the book of Genesis.

Living the Dream: Preparation for Purpose

Season 1 Episode 2 25m

Pastor Dave continues his series on Joseph by looking at the theme of how we can prepare for the fulfillment of our dreams and visions.

Living The Dream: Promotion for Purpose

Season 1 Episode 3 23m

God wants to bless the world through us. Dave Smith explores how we can we be elevated in the world and have favour with God.

Living The Dream: Provision For Purpose

Season 1 Episode 4 24m

It can be hard to keep our integrity while in leadership. Dave Smith encourages us to learn from Joseph's life as someone who finishes their ministry well.