Becoming an Effective Leader

Season 1 Episode 1 28m

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5 Episodes

Conflict Resolution and Overcoming

Leaders will always encounter clashes in values. Shaneen Clarke sits down with Malcolm Gray, Carrie Grant and David Bennett to discuss resolving issues when there is conflict.

Strength of Stay

Shaneen Clarke talks with Carrie Grant, Malcolm Gray and Candy-Ellie Graham about what we do when we feel like giving up.

Self Support For Women

Shaneen chats to Tanya Hughes OBE, Lisa Leigh Martin, Ayokunu Oduniyi, about how we can maintain self-care in ministry.

Supporting and Releasing Women

God has given us passion and talents to use for His glory. Shaneen Clarke speaks to Gail Stathis, Daphne Stephenson and Susan Deborahs about how we can help women in public ministry.

Becoming an Effective Leader

Shaneen Clarke has challenging conversations with Paul Golf, Beki Nicholls and Michael Bassett about equipping people as leaders.