Kings and Priests

Series 1 Season 8 Episodes


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8 Episodes

Living Out Your Faith In The Workplace

Season 1 Episode 1 28m

Bob Gass talks to businessman Chris Hyman about being the salt and light of Jesus in our workplace and the impact it can have.

Loving Your Neighbour As Yourself

Season 1 Episode 2 28m

Bob Gass sits down with Lord Michael Hastings and talks about building partnerships and resources to end world poverty.

Keys To Successful Leadership

Season 1 Episode 3 28m

Bob Gass hears from about entrepreneur Mike Carson about mentoring the next generation of leaders and the opportunities God has given him to bring transformation across the world.


Season 1 Episode 4 29m

Bob Gass speaks with Michael Fitch, who specializes in advising people on debt, tax and managing wealth.

The Power Of Forgiveness

Season 1 Episode 5 29m

Bob Gass chats to R.T. Kendall about the call of God on his life and experiencing God's incredible forgiveness and freedom in his life.

Blessed To Be A Blessing

Season 1 Episode 6 28m

Bob Gass talks to Howard Measham about his inspiring business career, finding faith and how God uses him to bless others.

The Importance Of Having Core Values

Season 1 Episode 7 28m

Bob Gass hears from Andy Corley.

Finding Your Life's Purpose And Fulfilling It

Season 1 Episode 8 28m

Bob Gass sits down with banker and philanthropist Ken Costa, as they talk about discovering God's call on his life.