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Is NO Sex Before Marriage Realistic?

Sex. We'll be exploring purity and abstinence before marriage, and whether it's still realistic in today's 'hook-up culture'. The Office for National Statics says that 69% of couples under 30 in the UK are living together but unmarried. It's clear that traditional views on sex and relationships are changing. But does that mean waiting is no longer a viable option?

Cancel culture

We dive into the controversial topic of cancel culture. Is it fair to cancel someone for a mistake they made in the past? Are there double standards at play? And most importantly, how loud should our voices be when it comes to holding people accountable?

Be Real or Be Fake?

We dive into the topic of social media and authenticity. Are we our true self on social media, or do we limit our posts to certain aspects of our life? Tune in to join the conversation.

Can the Modern Woman Have it All?

Let's talk about the modern woman. Even if both partners are employed, women take on a larger portion of the housework and parenting duties according to a 2022 study by the Office for National Statistics. As modern women, do we believe we can do it all? What qualities define the modern woman today?

State of Faith

Discussions about the response of the Church to difficult topics and life's experiences. Are Christians too judgemental? Find out what the Sisterhood think.

Does Being a Woman Disqualify Me?

Join the conversation and hear Tola Doll Fisher, Cassandra Maria and Lauren Windle talk about the 'soft girl movement' and what it means to be a strong woman today.

The One Where FRIENDS Matter

Exploring the concept of friendship in today's world. Join the conversation as we talk about the topic of friendship, examining its various types. What does it take to forge meaningful connections in this generation?


Why are women attracted to bad boys? Join Tola Doll Fisher, Lauren Windle and Cassandra Maria's conversation about dating.