TBN Presents: Paul Manwaring

Series 1 Season 12 Episodes

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12 Episodes


Season 1 Episode 1 28m

Paul Manwaring introduces himself and the series inviting us to explore and change the way we think about life-work-faith and be transformed from glory to glory.

Overcoming Regret, Fear & Shame

Season 1 Episode 2 27m

Everyone has a past, a present and a future. Paul Manwaring speaks about the Gospel and how now, we can rejoice that Jesus has defeated the enemy, so we can have a victorious future.

The Power of Testimony

Season 1 Episode 3 28m

Paul Manwaring sits down with Dave Harvey and Chuck Parry, from Bethel Church, who share some incredible testimonies of healing, as well as prophecies coming to fruition.


Season 1 Episode 4 27m

We sing about it and we all fall short of it. Paul Manwaring explores what 'glory' is and how we are created for God's glory.

Kisses from a Good God

Season 1 Episode 5 27m

How can we raise our eyes above the problem? Paul Manwaring shares his personal testimony of healing from cancer.

The Goodness of God

Season 1 Episode 6 29m

Paul Manwaring talks to his friends, Luke and Claire Christian-Farnham, about the goodness of God in the midst of heartbreaking tragedy.

Divine Tension

Season 1 Episode 7 28m

Paul Manwaring sits down with R.T. Kendall and discusses how Jesus is one hundred percent God, and one hundred percent human at the same time.


Season 1 Episode 8 28m

What is beauty? Paul Manwaring examines the Psalms and how beauty is not shallow and temporary, but it is living in the presence of God that continually touches our soul.

Glory & Beauty

Season 1 Episode 9 28m

Paul Manwaring talks to Fraser Bell about going on an journey of discovery to explore God's beauty and glory, to inspire creativity in our lives.

Did You Get What You Came For? - Part 1

Season 1 Episode 10 28m

Paul Manwaring speaks about what God taught him during his fifteen years in senior ministry in Bethel Church (Redding, California).

Did You Get What You Came For? - Part 2

Season 1 Episode 11 27m

Paul Manwaring chats to Soo Prince about her testimony, finding her identity in Christ and experience of spiritual breakthrough.

Did You Get What You Came For? - Part 3

Season 1 Episode 12 28m

What happens when God interrupts your life? Paul Manwaring talks to David Chambers about being faithful despite not always wanting to do what God wants.