TBN Presents: Lona Copeland Blake

Series 2 Seasons 8 Episodes

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4 Episodes

Understanding The Prophetic

Season 2 Episode 1 27m

Pastor Lona brings us a new series of talks on hearing the voice of God and understanding dreams and visions.

Hearing the Voice of God

Season 2 Episode 2 27m

Lona presents a practical word on understanding God's voice and how do we know it is His voice we are hearing.

Tuning in to Heaven's Frequency

Season 2 Episode 3 27m

Dr Copeland-Blake teaches on how we can be connected to the anointing from heaven.

Be Still

Season 2 Episode 4 27m

Lona concludes the current series by looking at how we can be at peace in our minds during these troubled times.

4 Episodes

Justification By Faith

Season 1 Episode 1 26m

Dr Copeland Blake teaches on how our justification is by faith and not by works.

Themes & Doctrines of Christianity

Season 1 Episode 2 27m

Dr Copeland Blake looks at Kingdom principles based on the book of Ephesians.

When The Heavens Open

Season 1 Episode 3 27m

Lona talks on the topic of revival vs outpouring.

Impacting The Next Generation

Season 1 Episode 4 27m

Dr Copeland Blake looks at how we can pass the baton on the next generation to prepare them for tomorrow.