Justification By Faith

Season 1 Episode 1 26m

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4 Episodes

Impacting The Next Generation

Dr Copeland Blake looks at how we can pass the baton on the next generation to prepare them for tomorrow.

When The Heavens Open

Lona talks on the topic of revival vs outpouring.

Themes & Doctrines of Christianity

Dr Copeland Blake looks at Kingdom principles based on the book of Ephesians.

Justification By Faith

Dr Copeland Blake teaches on how our justification is by faith and not by works.

4 Episodes

Be Still

Lona concludes the current series by looking at how we can be at peace in our minds during these troubled times.

Tuning in to Heaven's Frequency

Dr Copeland-Blake teaches on how we can be connected to the anointing from heaven.

Hearing the Voice of God

Lona presents a practical word on understanding God's voice and how do we know it is His voice we are hearing.

Understanding The Prophetic

Pastor Lona brings us a new series of talks on hearing the voice of God and understanding dreams and visions.