Series 1 Season 7 Episodes

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7 Episodes

The Master Plan of God

Season 1 Episode 1 3m

What is the master plan of God? Jarrod Cooper shares how God desires to be with mankind.

A Travelling Companion

Season 1 Episode 2 3m

Who is the Holy Spirit? Jarrod Cooper shares how the Holy Spirit moves all around the world transforming people's lives.

You Will Receive Power

Season 1 Episode 3 3m

How does the Holy Spirit empower us? Jarrod Cooper explains how the power of the Holy Spirit enables us to 'go' in faith.


Season 1 Episode 4 3m

God is moves in extraordinary ways. Jarrod Cooper invites us to be prepared for Jesus return by the glory of God.

The Fire of God

Season 1 Episode 5 3m

Jarrod Cooper speaks about the fire of God and how on the day of Pentecost tongues of fire rested on people's heads, symbolising God's glory now able to dwell in us.

The Voice of God

Season 1 Episode 6 3m

When we move with the voice of God, extraordinary things happen. Jarrod Cooper teaches us about the ways we can hear God's voice.

Celebrating Pentecost

Season 1 Episode 7 27m

Jarrod Cooper reads through the incredible miracles that happened on the day of Pentecost and encourages us that often the Holy Spirit can overwhelm us in a bewildering way.