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8 Episodes

The Future Of African Christianity

Bishop Wayne Malcolm speaks to Archbishop Doye Agama about his views for the future of Christianity in Africa and how Africa is becoming the epicenter of the global church.

Religion & Politics In Africa Today

When religion becomes involved in politics, politics often enters into the church. Archbishop Doye Agama looks at the effects of religion in politics and how Christianity suffers persecution under Islamic rule.

Ex-Slaves Become Missionaries

Archbishop Doye Agama shares the history of the ex-slaves who became Christian missionaries, who went across Africa and spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Christianity In African Colonialism

Bishop Wayne Malcolm hears from Archbishop Doye Agama about the relationship Christianity had with the colonisation, and how commercial exploitation and slavery overtook the responsibility of taking the Gospel to the ends of the earth.

From Bethlehem to Islam

Archbishop Doye Agama teaches us through from the time from the birth of Christ, and the magi who traveled to see Him, to the beginning of Islam.

Moses to David

Archbishop Doye Agama takes us through Africa's ancient history, picking up from the from the Israelites leaving Egypt with Moses up until King Solomon's relationship with the Queen of Sheba.

Africa and The Bloodline of Christ

Archbishop Doye Agama traces the genealogy of Christ and the connections to Africa, starting with Noah's descendants.


Bishop Wayne Malcolm welcomes Archbishop Doye Agama who introduces the series uncovering the original Africans and their relationship with the ancient Greece, Israel and beyond. The series also looks at the relationship between Islam and Christianity in North Africa.

4 Episodes

Africa's Global Destiny

Archbishop Doye Agama discusses Africa’s global destiny with Bishop Wayne Malcolm and gives answers to questions posed in the first series.

Islam & Christianity

Archbishop Doye Agama speaks with Bishop Wayne Malcolm answering questions raised in the first series, exploring further the topic of Islam and Christianity in Africa today.

The New Pentecostals

Archbishop Doye Agama sits down with Bishop Wayne Malcolm going into detail about the new Pentecostals in Africa, while answering questions raised from the first series.


Archbishop Doye Agama talks with Bishop Wayne Malcolm and gives answers to questions about the first series, going into detail about the relevance of Africa today.