A Study of Esther: Materialism

Season 1 Episode 1 30m

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4 Episodes

A Study of Esther: God Is Working

Dr Amy Orr-Ewing looks at how God can reverse situations completely. God used Haman's inflated pride to humble him and instead uplift Mordecai, a righteous man.

A Study of Esther: Theme Of Enemies

The plot thickens, Dr Amy Orr-Ewing looks at the pride of Haman from the story of Esther, and how it can lead to ruthless selfishness.

A Study of Esther: How Do Enemies Work?

Dr Amy Orr- Ewing discovers how God works through seemingly ordinary events and coincidences all for His glory, despite seemingly powerful opposition against His will. We continue with the story from the book of Esther.

A Study of Esther: Materialism

Dr Amy Orr-Ewing opens this series reading from the book of Esther. We look at how Esther's world in the ancient Persian empire, is not so different from ours, appearances aren't everything. If you enjoyed this programme, why not support TBN UK today

4 Episodes

A Study of Nehemiah: Breakthrough

Breakthrough is coming! Dr Amy Orr-Ewing reminds us that when opposition is persistent, so must our resolve be.

A Study of Nehemiah: Facing Opposition

God cares deeply about people, places and their vocation, Dr Amy Orr- Ewing explains how every person is precious to God.

A Study of Nehemiah: Rebuild

Are you stuck in a spiritual rut? Dr Amy Orr-Ewing shows us that speaking up requires facing our fears just like Nehemiah.

A Study of Nehemiah: Introduction

Join Dr Amy Orr-Ewing as she delves into the book of Nehemiah, focusing on his call and burden to rebuild the city wall in Jerusalem.