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37 Episodes

Self-Compassion with Patrick Regan

We can often be too hard on ourselves. Patrick Regan looks at what it means to have self-compassion and not continually beat ourselves up.

Wellbeing with Patrick Regan

It is important to take notice of what we think about. Patrick Regan shares 5 ways to develop healthy habits to help our mental wellbeing.

Asking Questions with Patrick Regan

Love and compassion is so important. Patrick Regan reminds us it is ok to ask God questions during this time of Covid-19.

Perfectionism with Patrick Regan

God is not looking for us to be perfect! Patrick Regan explains how God is looking for people who love Him and who are obedient to Him.

Depression with Patrick Regan

Patrick Regan shares practical tips on how to deal with depression and look after our mental wellbeing.

Anxiety with Patrick Regan

Patrick Regan shares his testimony and tackles the taboo topic of dealing with anxiety as Christians.

Prayer for Peace with Patrick Regan

Patrick Regan reads a prayer written by Jane Smith especially to help us during the pandemic.

Fear Not with Dr Dipo Oluyomi

Scripture often reminds us to ‘fear not’. Dr Dipo speaks on how God has not given us a spirit of fear but of power, love and a sound mind.

Getting Through Uncertain Times with Dr Dipo Oluyomi

Looking at the story of Job, Dr Dipo Oluyomi encourages us to trust God wholly, despite our circumstances.

Hope with Canon Andrew White

Canon Andrew White preaches from John 3:16 sharing the Gospel message of hope in Jesus Christ.

Communion with Canon Andrew White

Break bread with Canon Andrew White and share in this precious covenant. Take time to get ourselves right before God.

God Our Refuge with Daniel Chand

Where is the secret place where the enemy cannot harm us? Daniel Chand shares how we can find refuge as we abide in Christ.

Overcoming Fear with Daniel Chand

Daniel Chand tackles the root cause of anxiety and depression and how we can pray effectively when we face these issues.

Our Heritage with Daniel Chand

Church is so much more than a building. Daniel Chand reminds us who we are in Christ Jesus.

Pray in Power with Daniel Chand

Daniel Chand releases a powerful prayer to end Covid-19 and prays also for church leaders to be strengthened.

Peace or Panic with Becky Murray

Becky Murray blesses us with a word of encouragement to pray instead of worry.

Humble Ourselves with Becky Murray

Becky Murray imparts the wisdom that was given to King Solomon and how we can apply it to our lives today.

Sacrifice of Praise with Becky Murray

What will eternity be like? Becky Murray reminds us to take heart and offer God our praises even during a global pandemic.

No Fear in Love with Becky Murray

What is the opposite of fear? Becky Murray invites us to love our neighbour like never before.

Covenant with Andrew Owen

Every promise from God is like a cheque we need to cash in. Andrew Owen speaks on the covenant relationship God has with His children.

This Too Shall Pass with Andrew Owen

God never changes. Andrew Owen challenges us to discover how faithful God is.

Prayer and Practicalities with Sue Owen

Sue Own shares some practical tips to help us strengthen our faith and our health during this time.

Strength and Joy with Sue Owen

Sue Owen reads from Psalm 112 and prays over us to receive strength and joy and grace in our lives.

Dig a Well with Andrew and Sue Owen

Andrew and Sue Owen share a message of hope and invite us to dig a well of thanksgiving and become a blessing to others.

Rally Strength with Andrew and Sue Owen

Andrew and Sue Owen pray together for health and protection and peace in our hearts.

Persistent Prayer with Ewen Robertson

Continuing with Genesis chapter 18, Ewen Robertson inspires us to be bold and persistent in our prayers to God.

Prayer with Ewen Robertson

Ewen Robertson reads from Genesis chapter 18 and delves into the dialog between God and Abraham and what we can learn from it.

Who is God? With Andrew Scotland

In times of hardship we are required to call on the name of the Lord. Andrew Scotland invites us to pray for our nation.

Perfect Peace with Alan Scotland

Alan Scotland teaches from the story of the disciples in the storm with Jesus.

6 Promises to Hold Onto with Mayomi Anuwe

How should we respond in times of crisis? Mayomi Anuwe inspires us to look to God for protection and guidance.

Walk Out Your Faith with Cynthia Garrett

In uncertain times we know that our God is sure and steadfast. Cynthia Garrett shares a personal testimony about facing her fears.

Don’t Let your Hearts be Troubled with Gary Clarke

Jesus brings us what the world cannot offer. Gary Clarke reminds us of the incredible peace that God gives.

Fear verses Faith with Dan Blythe

Who are we Following? Dan Blythe challenges us to follow God and focus on Jesus rather than the storms in life we face.

The Lord is my Safe Retreat with David Peterson

Reading from Psalm 91, David Peterson prays a prayer of protection over us.

The Lord is My Shepherd with David Peterson

David Peterson invites us into a time of drawing on the promises of God during this time of isolation and quarantine.

To Live is Christ with David Peterson

David Peterson speaks life and reminds us why we do not need to fear death as Christians.

Pray for the World with David Peterson

David Peterson shares a perspective on lockdown and encourages us to pray for the rest of the world at this time.

35 Episodes

Helen Goldenberg

Tune in every weekday morning, to worship together and hear encouraging messages, so you can start your day well.

Keeping Faith as the Younger Generation with Joshua Goldenberg

Joshua Goldenberg explains the power and need for faith during this time. How can young people step up and be an example to those around them, including their friends and older members of the church?

Fighting Fear for All Ages with the Goldenbergs and friends

The Goldenbergs and their friends give us great encouragement in the midst of the pandemic on this show for all ages. What does the Bible say about fear and how can we feel strong instead?

Aligning with God with Olly Goldenberg

What is God’s plan for this time? Olly Goldenberg challenges us to tune in to God’s voice and become aware of his will for us during the pandemic.

Don't Lose Heart with Rob Wall

Sometimes it can feel like we don’t get what we deserve for our hard work. Looking at Galatians 6:9, Rob explains that trust is key to not losing heart.

Being Resilient with Rob Wall

How can we stay resilient in the work we need to do? Endurance is key to reaching due season, and reaping that which we have sown. Rob Wall explains that our resilience lies in our mindset and faith.

Don’t Give Up with Rob Wall

Everyone experiences doubt and limiting circumstances, but how can we keep going when we feel like there is no use? Rob Wall challenges us to remember our worth and the fact that we matter.

Hold on to Faith with the Cherries

Andrew looks at Romans 12:2, a reminder that we have to actively cling to faith when we experience uncertainty, trauma or doubt. Louise prays for us.

Don't Go it Alone with the Cherries

God’s intention for us is to be with others, even when we are on mission. Andrew and Louise Cherrie remind us that if we are feeling lonely, we can step closer to God, be proactive and reach out to others.

Needing Courage with the Cherries

During the pandemic, our lives, families, and churches have been under pressure. Andrew reads Proverbs 24:10, exploring what it means to need courage and encouragement.

Fixed by God with the Cherries

How can we stay on track with our faith? Andrew and Louise Cherrie encourage us to have faith and stay fixed in the things of God.

Joy is Here with Chlo Glassborow

How can we live in a place of joy, and bring those around us into that joy? Chlo Glassborow explores the way that joy is available and eternal.

Carried by God with Chlo Glassborow

We have a rich history of evidence and experiences of God providing for and protecting us. Chlo Glassborow helps us to look at what God had done, in order to trust him with our situation.

Locked Down With Jesus with Chlo Glassborow

Chlo Glassborow helps us to look to Jesus when we're anxious so that His love dispels all fear.

Worship Over Worry with Chlo Glassborow

How can we change our mindset from worrying to worshipping? Chlo Glassborow helps us to focus on God and all he has done, instead of on our circumstances.

Anxious for Nothing with Chlo Glassborow

Unpacking Philippians 4:6-7, Chlo Glassborow looks at how we can stop worrying and boldly bring our requests and circumstances before God.

Prince of Peace with Stu Glassborow

Stu Glassborow looks at God’s extraordinary character and explores what it means to know the Prince of Peace.

Invited to Choose with Stu Glassborow

God allows us to make choices throughout life. Stu Glassborow explores the impact of the choices we make and how we can choose and cling to God in times of confusion.

God Invites Us with Jon Colyer

We are invited into the secret place with God, to see and hear what he wants to show and tell us. Jon Colyer uses scripture to remind us of this truth. 

Dwell on God with Jon Colyer

Jon Colyer discusses why it’s so important to dwell on truth, hope and God instead of fear, negativity and hurt.

Guard Your Heart with Jon Colyer

Looking at scripture, it is very clear we need to guide, protect, and check our hearts. Jon Colyer looks at the ways in which we can check our spiritual health.

Steady in the Storm with Jon Colyer

How can we connect with the peace of Jesus when in a storm? Jon Colyer explores the story of Jesus calming the stormy seas. 

Keeping our Focus with Valerie Elyott

It’s so easy to focus on the negative things. Valerie Elyott helps us to tune our ears to the positive things in our lives and the sound of Jesus.

The Faith Sandwich with Valerie Elyott

Valerie Elyott shares on how she is able to keep her faith strong by using three ingredients: faith, peace and love.

You Matter with Valerie Elyott

How can we know we are significant when there is so much going on around us? Valerie Elyott helps us to focus on God’s perspective.

Prayer and Mission with James Aladiran

How can we use what we have to make an impact in difficult times? James provides some advice including praying for leaders, being active on social media, and serving practically.

Intercession During the Pandemic with James Aladiran

James explores intercession and Aaron’s role as a priest, during a plague, in Numbers chapter 16. This inspires us to stand and pray against the pandemic.

Peace Over Fear with James Aladiran

James explains how submitting to God helps us to resist fear and be at peace. He looks at Mark 4, explaining how Jesus is able to calm the storm from a place of peace.

Securing our Gateways with James Aladiran

How can we guard what we hear and see in order to protect the Word Of God in our hearts. James explains how we can declare truth with authority.

Responding to Isolation with James Aladiran

How can we grow in our intimacy with God during times where we are unable to gather together? James discusses the opportunities we have during a lock down.

Cast Your Cares on God with James Aladiran

How can we make space to draw near to God when we are under pressure? James discusses how to encounter God on a deeper level.

God’s Provision with James Aladiran

How can we know that God will provide for us? James Aladiran discusses how to keep our faith when there is uncertainty in our job or finances.

Standing Strong with James Aladiran

Join James Aladiran as he teaches how can we stand firm in times of fear and be confident in God’s protection of us.

Using Our Time in the Lockdown with Jonathan Oloyede

What can we do during the lockdown? Jonathan encourages us to be active in developing our relationship with God and our purpose during the pandemic.

Church Wherever We Are with Jonathan Oloyede

Jonathan reminds us that wherever we are, we are the church. He looks at the positive impact of ‘online church’ during the pandemic and encourages us to be a blessing as we meet together.

18 Episodes

A Church Resisting Fear with Daniel Chand

How can we reject the spirit of fear? How can the church support one another during the pandemic? Daniel Chand advises us.

Response to COVID-19 with Matthew and Becky Murray

Matthew and Becky discuss their reaction to the news of a pandemic and the importance of standing on the unchanging nature of Jesus.

Walking in Wisdom with Rob Wall

Rob explores how we can be more confident in our walk with God in times of uncertainty – where can we find wisdom?

Leading in a Crisis with Rob Wall and TD Jakes

How can we lead ourselves and our people during times of hardship and unrest? Bishop TD Jakes has some great insight and advice for us.

What is God Saying? With Rob Wall and Shawn Bolz

Explore what God might be saying and doing during the COVID-19 pandemic. How can we hear from Him in increasing measure and learn to listen to others who have?

Rob Wall and Max Lucado: Reacting to the Pandemic

Rob Wall chats with Pastor and best-selling author, Max Lucado about how we can use our gifts and finding hope in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. How can we react as Christians?

Communication During Crisis with Rob Wall and John Ortberg

How can we cope in a trial, and find hope in the present moment instead of our possessions? Join Rob Wall in conversation with John Ortberg, as they discuss the importance of communication, vulnerability, and doing good in times of crisis.

Mental Health During Lockdown with Will and Chi-Chi

Join Will and Chi-Chi as they discuss the importance of looking after our mental health.

Home Schooling During Lockdown

Join in the conversation with a group of teachers as they talk about top tips for schooling at home.

At Home With God - Lockdown Special

Olly and Helen Goldenberg share practical tips to help us grow in faith and love together, as a family during lockdown, in this special episode.

Where is God?

Dr RT Kendall speaks on the topic of Where God is during this season of a global pandemic.

Coping With Where We've Never Been Before

Dr RT Kendall speaks in this special episode, about coping in an area outside of our comfort zone.

Thorn in the Flesh

Dr RT Kendall speaks about Paul’s thorn in the flesh, a message for this season of lockdown.

How to Pray

In this episode, Dr RT Kendall gives practical tips and scripture on learning How to Pray.

Pleasing God

In this episode, Dr RT Kendall talks on the subject of ‘Pleasing God’.

Mysterious Reasons For Suffering

In this episode, Dr RT Kendall talks on the subject of suffering.

My time on the Mountain - Part 2.

Richard talks to Gery Malanda from House Of Prayer For All Nations Europe about the insight and revelation God gave him during his 40 day and 40 nights fast. They also discuss how and what we should pray as the church.

My time on the Mountain - Part 1.

Richard talks to Gery Malanda from House Of Prayer For All Nations Europe about the insight and revelation God gave him during his 40 day and 40 nights fast. They also discuss how and what we should pray as the church.

5 Episodes

Handling Grief in a Time of Crisis

Join Patrick Regan in conversation with Tanya Marlow as they discuss how to handle grief during times of crisis.

Being a Leader in a Time of Crisis

Join Patrick Regan in conversation with Simon Barrington as they discuss what being a leader looks like in a time of crisis.

Resilience in a Time of Crisis

Join Patrick Regan in conversation with Liz Carter as they discuss the importance of resilience during times of crisis.

Anxiety in a time of Crisis

Join Patrick Regan in conversation with Mick Brooks as they discuss how to handle anxiety during times of crisis.

Wellbeing in a Time of Crisis

Join Patrick Regan in conversation with Ruth Rice as they discuss wellbeing during times of crisis.