Your Two Stories

Season 1 Episode 1 26m

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5 Episodes

Jesus-Centred Leadership

What does leadership look like with Jesus at the core of everything we do? Dr Tania Harris explores what power looks like for a Christian leader.

Holy Spirit and I

When we partner with a supernatural God, supernatural things happen! Tania Harris shares a testimony about planting a church in a red light district.

Success From the Inside Out

God sees beyond what we see. Dr Tania Harris encourages us to develop a teachable heart to grow in the things of God.

What Makes a Christian Leader?

What does it mean to live by kingdom values? Dr Tania Harris looks at how Christian leaders are challenged.

Your Two Stories

Tania Harris looks at God conversations for leaders, and how we have a outer story about ourselves that we present to others, and an inner story that only God knows about.