In the Bleak Midwinter

Season 1 Episode 1 29m

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12 Episodes

Resilience, Surviving the Holocaust

Patrick Regan speaks to Eva Schloss who shares her inspiring story of surviving the Holocaust, Auschwitz and finding love, despite all the odds.

Poverty, Debt, Family, Resilience

Paula Stringer, CEO of Christians Against Poverty, talks to Patrick Regan about her journey through the loss of a business in the recession, bankruptcy and sickness in the family.

Disappointment, Loss, Vulnerability, Hope

Gareth & Andi Russell join Patrick Regan to discuss the challenges they faced over their marriage, including infertility and addictions and how they chose hope each day and to grow stronger together.

Racism, Justice, Values and Purpose

Leroy Logan MBE shares with Partick Regan his incredible story of the calling on his life to become a policeman, despite his own family experiencing police brutality.

Eating Disorders, Perfectionism, Self-Care, Mindfulness

Hope Virgo opens up to Patrick Regan about her struggles with her emotions growing up, battling anorexia and how she navigated her faith and recovery.

Abuse, Power, Trauma

Justin Humphreys, joint CEO of Thirtyone:eight, speaks to Patrick Regan about growing up in care, being adopted, becoming a Christian and also experiencing abuse within the church.

Handling Disappointment, Perfectionism, Defintion of Success

Patrick Regan speaks to writer and model Tola Doll Fisher about her experiences growing up, developing her faith and navigating heartbreak after the loss of her daughter.

Forgiveness, Justice, Compassion

Ray & Vi Donovan share their incredible story with Patrick Regan and their journey of forgiveness after their son was killed.

Healing, Contentment, Lament

Patrick Regan hears from author, Liz Carter, about her resilience growing up, how to handle disappointment, what lament really means, and her experiences in lockdown.

Resilience, Poverty, Relationship

Life can be messy! Patrick Regan speaks to Steven Ita about his life growing up in poverty and the effects it has had on his life.

Loss, Anger, Grace

Join Patrick Regan as he sits down with Wendy Grisham to have an honest conversation on being resilient, and bouncing forwards whilst going through some of life's toughest challenges.

In the Bleak Midwinter

Resilience is thriving in the midst of adversity. Patrick Regan introduces the series and how we can learn to bounce forward despite the difficulties we face.

6 Episodes

Not letting your dream die - Akousa Arkhurst

Patrick Regan is joined by Akousa Arkhurst, founder and director of Ashanti Akim Community Organisation, for an honest conversation about Resilience, Vision and Purpose.

The Pandemic, Perseverance, Hope, Lament - Kay Morgan-Gurr

Patrick is joined by Kay Morgan Gurr, co-founder of the Additional Needs Alliance, for an honest conversation about mental health, disability and additional needs, and spiritual abuse.

Racial Injustice, Unity & Diversity and Hope - Israel Olofinjana

Patrick is joined by Rev Dr Israel Olofinjana, director of One People Commission for the Evangelical Alliance, for an honest conversation about loss, disappointment, and racial injustice

Mental Health and Youth and Social Issues - Joel Harris

Patrick is joined by Joel Harris, youth & student coordinator for Kintsugi Hope, for an honest conversation about identity, perfectionism, social media.

Suicide, Grief and Mental Health - Malcom Duncan

Patrick is joined by Malcolm Duncan, leader of Dundonald Elim Church, for an honest conversation about grief, disappointment, and lament.

Poverty, Gangs and Salvation - Claud Jackson

Patrick Regan is joined by ordinand and author, Claud Jackson, for an honest conversation about belonging, poverty, trauma, and racism.