Living a Transformed Life

Series 2 Seasons 18 Episodes

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6 Episodes

The Seen And Unseen

Season 2 Episode 1 21m

Kate Nicholas introduces the series, beginning with the first chapter of Ephesians, providing an understanding of the unseen world of the heavenly realms.

Contrasting Realities

Season 2 Episode 2 22m

Kate Nicholas takes a look at the second chapter of the book of Ephesians, delving into the differences between living a life abiding in Christ and living a life in the world full of sin.

Embracing The Mystery

Season 2 Episode 3 20m

What does it mean to be a prisoner of Christ Jesus? Kate Nicholas takes a deeper look at the way Paul describes his identity as a servant of God.

Lists For Living

Season 2 Episode 4 21m

God has given us free will. Kate Nicholas unpacks more of Paul's guidance that seems so counter-cultural to the way the world lives.

Imitating God

Season 2 Episode 5 20m

How can we be more like God? Kate Nicholas looks at living a radical life of love and how we can remain rooted and established in God's love.

Submission And Strength

Season 2 Episode 6 23m

What does it mean to submit to one another out of reverence to Christ? Kate Nicholas looks at the final chapters in the book of Ephesians.

12 Episodes

Our God Of Transformation

Season 1 Episode 1 24m

What does it mean to live a life transformed by God? Kate Nicholas introduces the series and shares the beginning of her story.

The Challenge of Change

Season 1 Episode 2 27m

Willing to change and adapt? Kate Nicholas explores how our purpose is to be transformed to be more and more like Jesus.

Mountain Top Moments

Season 1 Episode 3 24m

Why does God speak at the top of mountains? Kate Nicholas unpacks the holy mountain top moments of famous biblical characters and what we can learn from them.

As You Pass Through The Waters

Season 1 Episode 4 26m

Ready to set sail? Kate Nicholas likens life to a boat, ready to sail the high seas encountering storms and adventures, but Kate reminds us that God uses everything to work for His good.

Wrestling With God

Season 1 Episode 5 24m

As we wrestle with doubts and challenges in life, Kate Nicholas reminds us that we often grow closer to God during these times.

The God Who Heals

Season 1 Episode 6 26m

What is the healing power of Jehovah Rapha? Kate Nicholas explores how God uses our hurts to restore and transform us to make us whole in Christ.

Taught To Trust

Season 1 Episode 7 27m

Jesus tells us not to worry. Kate Nicholas encourages us to trust God, because He always has a better plan for us.

The Fruit Of Transformation: Love

Season 1 Episode 8 25m

God is love. Kate Nicholas teaches how God's unconditional love can change our very being and those around us.

The Fruit Of Transformation: Joy

Season 1 Episode 9 24m

How can we be joyful when we are going through awful times? Kate Nicholas looks at the differences between joy and happiness.

The Fruit Of Transformation: Peace

Season 1 Episode 10 27m

We all want wholeness, well-being and harmony. Kate Nicholas invites us to delve deeper into the shalom peace that God gives to us.

The Gateway To Heaven

Season 1 Episode 11 23m

We often avoid talking about the end of our existence. Kate Nicholas reminds us that heaven is beyond anything we have experienced in this life.

The Ultimate Transformation

Season 1 Episode 12 26m

The greatest transformation of all is when we leave this life. Kate Nicholas explores how we enter into heaven with our new resurrected body.