Divine Climate Change

Season 1 Episode 1 26m

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10 Episodes

Living Stronger

The Gospel is all about the weak saying 'I am Strong'. Jarrod Cooper unpacks the principles of building on a solid foundation, so we can live stronger.

The Secrets to Strength

How can we live a strong, enduring life in God? Jarrod Cooper talks to us about the need to be strong to the very core of our being.

The Power of Praise

There is something powerful about praise and worship that changes atmospheres. Jarrod Cooper reminds us that God inhabits the praises of his people.

How to Hear God’s Voice

How can we tap into the communications of heaven? Jarrod Cooper teaches us there are adventures to be had when we start listening to God's voice.

Miracle Blockers - Self-disqualification

Sometimes things happen in life that are very embarrassing. Jarrod Cooper explains how shame and insecurities can lead us to self-disqualify and believe God wouldn't want to use us.

Miracle Blockers - Religion

Jarrod Cooper speaks about how religious rituals and methods can prevent us from receiving miracles and seeing the presence of God move in our lives.

Miracle Blockers - Fear

What prevents a miracle from happening? Jarrod Cooper looks at when we release fear, incredible things can begin to happen.

How to Perform a Miracle

God is gracious. Jarrod Cooper encourages us that when we catch the principles of God, miracles can become commonplace.

Boldness for Broken People

God can use normal people to do extraordinary things. Jarrod Cooper shares how we can be overcomers and do everything that God has called us to do and live life well.

Divine Climate Change

Is the glory of God among us as it should be? Jarrod Cooper challenges us to be men and women of God, living like they they did in the book of Acts.