TBN Presents: Stuart Bell

Series 1 Season 5 Episodes

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5 Episodes

A Cloud The Size Of A Man's Hands

Season 1 Episode 1 19m

Stuart Bell introduces a new series looking at the importance of the local church and how we can bless the communities around us.

Building The House of the Lord

Season 1 Episode 2 22m

Stuart focuses on the local church and how we can build up the body of Christ.

Don't Stop Now

Season 1 Episode 3 21m

Stuart encourages us to persevere in faith as a Church by keeping in step with the Spirit.

Fill the House, Guard the House

Season 1 Episode 4 21m

Pastor Stuart talks about the things we need to do to fill our churches and important things that will help us guard what God is doing among us.

The Heart Of A Pioneer

Season 1 Episode 5 21m

Stuart concludes his current series by looking at how the Church should be open to fresh thoughts and have a heart to move beyond our church walls.