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Season 1 Episode 1 56m

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5 Episodes

Day 5

Andrew Bunt expains his seminar on sex questions, J Vessel takes a ride on the dodgems whilst sharing about his thoughts on the festival, and Ben Rowe digs into the subject of repentance

Day 4

TJ Koleoso shares his top tips for representing Christ well where we are, and Taylor Bentliff invites listeners to come home to God's household.

Day 3

J Vessel pops in for a chat to share about his seminar on reaching diverse youth groups, and Andrew Wilson recalls the book of Romans in his own words, for this generation to understand.

Day 2

Lauren Windle shares her top 3 tips for managing negative thoughts and TJ Koleoso speaks powerfully on the topic of shame.

Day 1

Joe Macnamara unpacks the picture of us as sheep and Jesus as the good shepherd and Rebekah Walker chats about her dating seminar stream.