When Faith Gets Shaken

Series 1 Season 10 Episodes

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10 Episodes

When Faith Gets Shaken: Hannah Bourazza

Season 1 Episode 1 26m

Patrick Regan sits down with Hannah Bourazza as they talk about how to keep faith through losing her son at such a young age.

When Faith Gets Shaken: Andy Stranack

Season 1 Episode 2 27m

Patrick Regan interviews Andy Stranack about how he heard from God as a child and still continues growing in faith despite challenging health conditions.

When Faith Gets Shaken: Rachel Wright

Season 1 Episode 3 30m

Patrick Regan talks to Rachel Wright about her life as a missionary, a nurse and as a carer for her son with complex additional needs.

When Faith Gets Shaken: Ross & Joy Dilnot

Season 1 Episode 4 27m

Patrick Regan has a conversation with church leaders Ross & Joy Dilnot about life and faith after a traumatic road accident.

When Faith Gets Shaken: John Sutherland

Season 1 Episode 5 28m

Patrick Regan chats to former police chief superintendent John Sutherland about his breakdown and recovery, giving personal insight into what it is to be a police officer.

When Faith Gets Shaken: Sephton Henry

Season 1 Episode 6 27m

Patrick Regan speaks to Sephton Henry about how he was groomed into a violent gang at a young age and how he came to faith in Jesus Christ.

When Faith Gets Shaken: Keith & Barbie Jackson

Season 1 Episode 7 26m

Patrick Regan sits down with pastors Keith and Barbie Jackson, as they share about Barbie's near death experience and keeping faith after multiple operations and ongoing health conditions.

When Faith Gets Shaken: Will van der Hart

Season 1 Episode 8 29m

Patrick Regan discusses dealing with anxiety and panic attacks with Will Van Der Hart, who experienced survivors guilt after the London bombings.

When Faith Gets Shaken: Alan & Jackie Slough

Season 1 Episode 9 29m

Patrick Regan talks to Alan & Jackie Slough about the loss of their son how they held onto their faith.

When Faith Gets Shaken: Daphne Regan

Season 1 Episode 10 28m

Patrick Regan chats to his mum, Daphne Regan, about how she grew up in poverty and in an abusive home, yet found her faith in Jesus and forgiveness in her heart.