Deuteronomy - Wellness God's Way

Series 1 Season 7 Episodes

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7 Episodes

Wellness God's Way

Season 1 Episode 1 19m

David Ingall invites you on a journey to re-discover the Old Testament book Jesus quoted more than any other. Explore what it shows us about how to live life well according to God’s ways.

Remembering Grace

Season 1 Episode 2 20m

David visits an Iron-Age hill fort as he explores how this book of ‘law’ actually starts with stories of God’s love and grace, and what that shows us about God and us.

The Perfect 10

Season 1 Episode 3 18m

How well do we really know the 10 commandments? David journeys to the church and city where he got married to help him think through one of the most famous parts of the Bible. Are the ten commandments as much about relationship as rules?

The Meaning of the Law

Season 1 Episode 4 19m

David reflects on love and fatherhood as he continues to explore Deuteronomy and what it shows us about what really matters in life.

What about the Canaanites

Season 1 Episode 5 20m

David goes on a physical and emotional journey as he grapples with one of the hardest bits of whole the Bible – why did God tell the Israelites to destroy the Canaanites?

Getting Down to Detail

Season 1 Episode 6 20m

David visits the statue of an ancient king, samples some classic British food and reflects on his schooldays, as he looks at the details of Deuteronomy and tries to work out how we can apply them today.

Grace Through Judgement

Season 1 Episode 7 20m

As our journey through Deuteronomy comes to a close, David explores a grand drama and a song commissioned by God, and shows how both point to our need for God’s grace.