Psalms And Stretches

Series 1 Season 10 Episodes

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10 Episodes

Create In Me

Season 1 Episode 1 8m

Time to de-stress and feel renewed as Ruth Carpenter and Emma Wilson lead us in a moving meditation from Psalm 51 v10-12.

Refreshes My Soul

Season 1 Episode 2 12m

Take a moment to be refreshed with Emma and Ruth as they pray meditatively through Psalm 23 v1-4.

Rest In God

Season 1 Episode 3 10m

Join Emma Wilson in an encouragement from Psalm 62 v1-2 as we relax our bodies and find rest in God.

I Will Sing

Season 1 Episode 4 11m

Ruth Carpenter and Emma Wilson lead us in a movement and meditation focusing on Psalm 59 v16-17.

He Helps Me

Season 1 Episode 5 10m

Emma Wilson reminds us how God is our strength and shield in this meditation from Psalm 28 v 6-7.

Hope In God

Season 1 Episode 6 10m

God gives us hope for the future. Ruth Carpenter shares a reflective encouragement from Psalm 42 v5.

In The Shadow

Season 1 Episode 7 11m

Emma Wilson invites us to rest in the shadow of Almighty God, meditating on Psalm 91 v1-2.

Taste And See

Season 1 Episode 8 9m

Ruth encourages us to pray out the words from Psalm 34 v8-9, inviting us to experience God's goodness.

I Remain Confident

Season 1 Episode 9 10m

Ruth Carpenter delves into Psalm 27 v13-14 reminding us as we wait for the Lord, we will see His goodness in our lives.

You See Me

Season 1 Episode 10 11m

God knows everything about us and our innermost thoughts. Emma leads us in a movement and meditation from Psalm 139 v1-5.