TBN Presents: Yinka Oyekan

Series 2 Seasons 8 Episodes

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4 Episodes

Channelling Your Emotions Through Prayer

Season 2 Episode 1 28m

Pastor Yinka starts a new series looking at the incredible power that is released to believers through prayer.

The Transformative Power of Prayer

Season 2 Episode 2 29m

Pastor Yinka continues his series on the impact of prayer and how any believer can understand what prayer can do for them.

Prayer and Fasting

Season 2 Episode 3 29m

Yinka explains what fasting actually does and the transformative impact it can have on the outcomes we face in our lives.

Prayer Opens Up Heaven

Season 2 Episode 4 29m

Pastor Yinka concludes the current series of talks about the power and impact of prayer, looking at how prayer is the doorway into heaven.

4 Episodes

Prophetic Proclamation

Season 1 Episode 1 27m

Pastor Yinka reminds us that we all have an anointing, but do we understand how to activate it and work in it?

When The Anointing Comes

Season 1 Episode 2 27m

Pastor Yinka continues the series on the anointing. After activating our anointing, what do we do when it comes?

Called To Purpose

Season 1 Episode 3 27m

Pastor Yinka looks at how important it is to align yourself with the anointing that God puts upon your life.

Supremely Blessed

Season 1 Episode 4 24m

Pastor Yinka highlights the spiritual attributes that accompany believers who are anointed.