Making Sense of Your Dreams

Series 1 Season 8 Episodes


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8 Episodes

Pharaoh’s Dream of Seven Cows

Season 1 Episode 1 27m

Why do we dream? Tony Cooke introduces the series, looking at how dreams are a way that God communicates with us.

Dreams in General

Season 1 Episode 2 26m

Want to be a dream detective? Tony Cooke explains how God uses dreams to reveal our future and develop our creativity.

Nebuchadnezzar’s Dream

Season 1 Episode 3 26m

How can we unravel some of the mysteries of our dreams? Tony Cooke uses King Nebuchadnezzar’s dream in the book of Daniel as an example.

Atmosphere and Feeling in Dreams

Season 1 Episode 4 25m

Is imagination a God given gift? Tony Cooke discusses how imagination can be used effectively when reading scripture, to bring it to life.

Mind Mapping a Dream

Season 1 Episode 5 27m

Tony Cooke explores how mind mapping a dream can give us a key to unraveling the mystery and the message of the dream.

Dream Symbols

Season 1 Episode 6 25m

Dreams are very symbolic. Tony Cooke teaches how we can interpret the symbols we see in our dreams.

The Interpretation

Season 1 Episode 7 22m

After analyzing a dream, we want to communicate the message well. Tony Cooke helps us to construct and word the interpretation effectively.

Going Deeper

Season 1 Episode 8 28m

Analyzing the detail in dreams is significant. Tony Cooke takes a deeper look at weather, colours, numbers and people in dreams that influence the atmosphere and meaning of the dream.