Canon Andrew White

Series 2 Seasons 16 Episodes


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8 Episodes

Brian Futcher - Part 1

Season 2 Episode 1 25m

What is the reality of the persecuted church? Join Canon Andrew White as he sits down with Brian Futcher speaking about his time in the Middle East.

Brian Futcher - Part 2

Season 2 Episode 2 24m

Canon Andrew White continues his conversation with Brian Futcher about his heart for reaching the Kurdish people with the love of God.

David Lamb

Season 2 Episode 3 26m

Canon Andrew White speaks to Pastor David Lamb, who inspired him at St Thomas hospital and they remember receiving the fire and passion of the Holy Spirit.

Chris Demetriou

Season 2 Episode 4 28m

Canon Andrew White interviews Pastor Chris Demetriou about his vital participation in work in the Middle East.

General Roddy Porter - Part 1

Season 2 Episode 5 28m

Friendships can be extraordinary. Canon Andrew White shares together with General Roddy Porter about the good times and the hard times they had in Baghdad.

General Roddy Porter - Part 2

Season 2 Episode 6 29m

Canon Andrew White continues his talk with General Roddy Porter about his work with supporting Christians in the armed forces though MMI (Military Ministry International).

Elaine Glover

Season 2 Episode 7 26m

Canon Andrew White welcomes Elaine Glover and talks about how God called her to help and pray for the judge of Saddam Hussein.

Phil Whitehead

Season 2 Episode 8 28m

Canon Andrew White speaks to Pastor Phil Whitehead about his vision and heart for mission in the Middle East.

8 Episodes


Season 1 Episode 1 27m

Join Canon Andrew White as he introduces the series taking us on a journey, reflecting on the miracles, signs and wonders he experienced in Baghdad and beyond.

The Angelic Realm

Season 1 Episode 2 23m

Ever seen an angel? Canon Andrew White looks back at the time he and the children in Baghdad took photographs of the angels that surrounded their church.

Dreams & Visions

Season 1 Episode 3 28m

Canon Andrew White shares how many Muslims converted to Christianity after experiencing dreams and visions of Jesus dressed in white.

Miraculous Provision

Season 1 Episode 4 26m

Our heavenly Father withholds no good thing from us. Canon Andrew White reflects on the extravagant blessings and miracles of God's provision during his times in the Middle East.


Season 1 Episode 5 19m

Jesus is the the resurrection and the life! Canon Andrew White remembers when Jesus brought a number of adults and children who had died, back to life again.

Manifestations of Gold

Season 1 Episode 6 23m

The greatest sign and wonder is Jesus himself. Canon Andrew White shares times when he saw divine manifestations of God.

Word of Knowledge

Season 1 Episode 7 26m

Jesus desires to lead us to truth. Canon Andrew White talks to us about what it's like receiving God's supernatural, important knowledge.

Keys to Experiencing the Divine Supernatural

Season 1 Episode 8 25m

Jesus death and Resurrection is the most divine occurrence in all history. Canon Andrew White encourages us to believe and utilise the power of the cross and partake in communion.