Enjoying Jubilee Life

Series 1 Season 12 Episodes

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12 Episodes

Courage For Life

Season 1 Episode 1 26m

Want to live a courageous life? Pastor Tope Koleoso introduces the series looking at the life and times of King David and what we can learn from it.

Chosen By God

Season 1 Episode 2 20m

David was the greatest king that Israel ever knew. Pastor Tope Koleoso challenges us to direct our life in love and reverence for God.

Character Matters

Season 1 Episode 3 27m

The Bible encourages us to examine ourselves. Pastor Tope Koleoso compares the characters of King Saul and King David and their differences.

Overcoming The Enemy

Season 1 Episode 4 21m

There is nothing that God cannot handle. Pastor Tope Koleoso looks at how David faced many challenges on his journey to become King.

Handling Adversity - Part 1

Season 1 Episode 5 23m

God can be trusted through the different seasons of life. Pastor Tope Koleoso encourages us to have foundations of faith in God, especially when adversity comes.

Handling Adversity - Part 2

Season 1 Episode 6 27m

David sought to live his life for God and inspired God's people. Pastor Tope Koleoso explores the time David spent in the wilderness, running from Saul.

Friendships For Life

Season 1 Episode 7 27m

Do you have a friend that sticks closer than a brother? Pastor Tope Koleoso delves into David's close relationships with spiritual parents, close peers and life partners.

God's Timing

Season 1 Episode 8 27m

God orchestrates situations so they work out the way He intended. Pastor Tope Koleoso explains that if we understand time from God's perspective, then we can have a sense of meaning and find strength, hope and purpose.

Acceptable Worship

Season 1 Episode 9 24m

David had a heart of worship. Pastor Tope Koleoso teaches on David bringing back the ark of the covenant and what we can learn from the mistakes he made.

The Sins Of Kings

Season 1 Episode 10 27m

Though David loved God, he still fell short. Pastor Tope Koleoso revisits David's adultery with Bathsheba, and the consequences that followed.

Sharon Olagunju With Pastor Tope Koleoso

Season 1 Episode 11 26m

Sharon Olagunju sits down with Pastor Tope Koleoso as they discuss the series on the life of David and how we can apply the teachings to our own lives.

Acknowledge God Afresh

Season 1 Episode 12 29m

Without faith it is impossible to please God. Pastor Tope Koleoso encourages us to seek God and live by faith.