Trumpet Call

Season 1 Episode 1 27m

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8 Episodes

There Is More And It's All In Jesus

Want to see more of God's glory. Steve Uppal is convinced that we are walking in exciting times and God is always ready to do a new thing.

Humility Wins

Everyone is called to a life of humility. Steve Uppal explains how a life of humility wins God's favour

Contend For Destiny

Want to give God our best? Steve Uppal encourages us to go after everything God has for us with everything we've got.

Stronger On The Inside

How strong are we? Steve Uppal teaches when we can when we are strong on the inside, we will be able to endure through the difficult times.

Healing The Wounded Warriors

Been through tough time? Steve Uppal shares how he overcame bullying and racial discrimination at school.

Kingdom Advancers Commissioned - Part 2

Want to be bolder sharing the Gospel? Steve Uppal unpacks the power of the Great Commission that Jesus gave us.

Kingdom Advancers Commissioned

Want a greater confidence to live out the destiny Jesus has for us? Steve Uppal shares a message about how we are all part of a big story that God has written.

Trumpet Call

We were created by God for a purpose. Steve Uppal introduces the series and invites us to understand the time and the season in the Spirit.