Think with Andrew Wilson

Series 2 Seasons 8 Episodes

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4 Episodes

How Is The Bible Special?

Season 2 Episode 1 27m

Andrew Wilson takes a good hard look at why the Bible is so important, and the authority it has over our lives.

What Does The Bible Mean?

Season 2 Episode 2 27m

Andrew Wilson grapples with the really important questions concerning how we interpret the text of the Bible.

How Does The Bible's Story Work?

Season 2 Episode 3 28m

Andrew Wilson debates the claim that the Bible is an unfolding story and not a rule book.

How Should We Apply The Bible?

Season 2 Episode 4 28m

Andrew Wilson tackles the topic of how we interpret the instructions in the Bible and how we obey the Word of God correctly.

4 Episodes

Why Does God Allow Suffering?

Season 1 Episode 1 28m

Andrew Wilson introduces the series with one of the big questions we would all like to know the answer to. How can a loving God allow so much suffering in this world?

How Could any Thinking Person Choose God Over Science?

Season 1 Episode 2 28m

Andrew Wilson wrestles with the big theological and scientific topics of today, in this episode he discusses evolution verses creation.

Why does God care who I sleep with?

Season 1 Episode 3 28m

Andrew Wilson tackles the taboos of how the church responds to issues such as sexuality, and what the Bible says.

What Do You Want to Believe?

Season 1 Episode 4 27m

Andrew Wilson questions: If belief in God is reasonable, belief in miracles is reasonable and therefore the Resurrection of Jesus Christ is reasonable.