Healing In Jesus Name

Series 1 Season 4 Episodes

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4 Episodes

Keys To Healing

Season 1 Episode 1 27m

Childlike faith is the beginning of praying for healing. Evangelist John Mellor looks at how we can declare healing over our lives today.

Guarding your Heart and Emotions

Season 1 Episode 2 27m

Body, soul and spirit are all closely linked, the state of our heart can affect our body and spirit. John Mellor explains the importance of guarding our heart.

Things That Can Hinder Us From Being Healed

Season 1 Episode 3 27m

What can prevent healing from happening? John Mellor looks topics such as unbelief, rationalism, strife, self pity, unforgiveness and unworthiness that can hinder healing in our life.

Who Can Heal The Sick?

Season 1 Episode 4 24m

The Bible is very clear that believers can heal the sick through faith. John Mellor explores the different gifts available in the Holy Spirit.