Leadership Challenge

Season 1 Episode 1 24m

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8 Episodes

Brother's Keeper

How do we love those around us? Gabriel Chan explores how can we help one another and carry each other's burdens.

Desiring Righteousness

Why is accountability so important? Gabriel Chan invites us to thrive, effectively living an authentic life and embracing righteousness.

Servant Leadership

From the moment Jesus washed his disciple's feet, He demonstrated to us how to be a servant leader. Gabriel Chan challenges us to think about leadership, the way God intended.

Take Charge Of Your Life

Feeling out of control? Gabriel Chan challenges us to believe we can make a difference to our lives, gain wisdom and enjoy a better balance in life, with God.

Holy Inquisitiveness: Why, God?

Intelligence can be a blessing or a curse. Gabriel Chan encourages us to keep asking questions and searching for the things of God.

Responding to Grace

Jesus Christ came to fulfill the law. Gabriel Chan explores how we respond to the grace of God and provides a theological framework for embracing a better understanding of holiness.

The Misunderstood Father

What is our Heavenly Father really like? Gabriel Chan takes a deeper look at the parable of the Prodigal Son and the role of the father in the story.

Leadership Challenge

Gabriel Chan introduces the series, shares his testimony and encourages us to take our faith deeper within a community of fellow believers.

8 Episodes

Generation To Generation - Battles, Failures And Success

Mentoring and discipling people is so important. Gabriel Chan discusses how we can train and prepare others for leadership, with special guest R.T. Kendall.

Is Balance Possible?

Many people in leadership can face stress and anxiety. Gabriel Chan discusses how we can enable the overriding vision that God has for our lives while having a healthy balance in life.

Expectations And Disappointments

How can we overcome disappointments? Gabriel Chan discusses managing our hopes and expectations when we face disappointments in leadership.

Leading In Grace And Truth

How can be leaders like Jesus? Gabriel Chan discusses how we can minister to people with love, grace and truth.

Releasing Fruitfulness

Are we doing something that makes a difference? Gabriel Chan shares how he desires to encourage the church to be fruitful in the kingdom of God.

Women In Leadership

Gabriel Chan explores the topic of 'women in leadership' and speaks to women about their experiences, issues and inequality they have come across as roles have changed over the years.

A Gifted Community

How can we flourish in our talents? Gabriel Chan challenges us to think about developing gifting and leadership for the glory of God.

Leadership - A Personal Challenge

What is the goal of Christian ministry? Gabriel Chan discusses what true leadership looks like in the kingdom of God.

7 Episodes

Reaching For Gold

Lyndon and Ceilia Bowring share their journey with Gabriel and Rebecca Chan about their marriage and how they inspire other Christian couples in their relationships with one another, and with God.

Competition, Success And Navigating Life

How do we build a platform in our marriage to build each other up? Gabriel and Rebecca Chan talk to Hasani and Corinne Jess about how faith changed their perspective on life and marriage.

Missional Vision For Marriage

Gabriel and Rebecca Chan chat to Marecelo and Fabiana Albuquerque about their family life on the mission field and hear their story about how God led them both to pastor a church together.

A Covenant That Endures Trials?

Mensah and Natalie Lambie speak to Gabriel and Rebecca Chan about fighting to make God's will our priority, despite our circumstances.

From Love At First Sight

Doyin and Sophie Ogunbiyi share with Gabriel and Rebecca Chan about their journey through the ups and downs of marriage and how they chose to say 'I Do' to one another each and every day.

Enjoying 'Single'

Is it possible to enjoy being single? Gabriel Chan speaks to Ufuoma Uwegba, Angela Illes and Lola Arigbabu about the incredible things they are doing and how they are finding fulfillment.

Finding Love In The Church?

Gabriel and Rebecca Chan speak to Leroy Dias Dos Santos and Bisola Imam about how Jesus intends the church to be a place where you can find love and healthy relationships.