TBN Presents: Stu Glassborow

Series 1 Season 5 Episodes

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5 Episodes

The Cross and 'Who We Are' in Christ

Season 1 Episode 1 26m

Want to change the world? Join Stu Glassborow as he speaks about receiving a revelation of the cross of Jesus Christ.

The Father's Heart

Season 1 Episode 2 26m

How can we identify God as our Father? Stu Glassborow unpacks what God's love looks like for us.

Freedom Encounter

Season 1 Episode 3 27m

Ready to encounter the power of God today? Join Stu Glassborow as he encourages us to seek revelation of who God is and inner healing.

Living as a Son of God

Season 1 Episode 4 26m

Do we behave like a child of God? Join Stu Glassborow as he explores what it means to live as a true child of God.

Healing the Sick

Season 1 Episode 5 26m

Ready to receive a miracle? Stu Glassborow inspires us to encounter God's power and radiate the Holy Spirit in our lives.