Fit For Purpose - Christian Business and Entrepreneurship

Series 1 Season 4 Episodes

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4 Episodes

Business as Ministry

Season 1 Episode 1 27m

Bishop Wayne Malcolm is joined by Dr Mark Prince OBE and Amani Simpson to discuss how business can be a ministry when responsding to a crisis.

Business Excellence

Season 1 Episode 2 28m

Does God want us to run our personal best in business? Bishop Wayne Malcolm continues exploring Christian business and entrepreneurship with Michelle Raymond and Jeremie Alamazani Isumu.

Business as a Lifeline

Season 1 Episode 3 28m

Bishop Wayne Malcolm speaks to Raj Holness and Anthony Howe about how business can be valuable to people's lives and even a lifeline.

Business and Social Influence

Season 1 Episode 4 28m

Bishop Wayne Malcolm talks with Anthony Howe and Jeremie Alamazani Isumu about after being successful in business, remembering and be a blessing to society.