Created and chosen in Love

Season 1 Episode 1 26m

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4 Episodes

Be an Ambassador of Love

Jayne concludes this series by encouraging us to share God's amazing love with others.

Love Heals and Transforms

Pastor Jayne looks at how God's love heals and transforms our hearts.

Failures in Love

Pastor Jayne looks at the greatest commandments: loving God, and loving your neighbour.

Created and chosen in Love

Jayne Banful teaches on God's amazing, passionate and unfailing love.

5 Episodes

Navigating to Your True Home

Jayne concludes the series on navigating the seasons of life by looking at how we trust God to guide us home.

Navigating Home

Jayne continues her series on navigating through life's journey by looking at how we build our home.

Navigating Through a Storm

Pastor Jayne looks at some key principals to help us when we are facing difficult seasons in our lives.

Navigating Through Fear

Jayne Banful looks at the difference between feat that is healthy for us and fear that is not.

Navigating Through Uncertainty

Jayne Banful, introduces a new series about navigating through the changing season of life.