Recovery Course

Series 2 Seasons 27 Episodes

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12 Episodes

Session 1 with Louise Hansford and Ian McDowell

Season 2 Episode 1 26m

Emma Heath interviews Ian McDowell from Tough Talk. Louise Hansford also shares her testimony and her journey of recovery from cocaine and heroin addiction.

Session 2 with Israel Douglas and Mandy Ogunmokun

Season 2 Episode 2 29m

Jesus Christ changes lives! Emma Heath hears the incredible testimonies from Mandy Ogunmokun and Israel Douglas who share their testimonies coming from a life of crime, to now living for Jesus.

Session 3 with Robert Hart and Steve Burnett

Season 2 Episode 3 29m

Ready for a challenge? Join Emma Heath and Joe Lampshire as they take us through the steps of the Recovery Course and speak to Steve Burnett and Robert Hart about how Jesus transformed their lives.

Session 4 with Susie Flashman Jarvis and Joe Lampshire

Season 2 Episode 4 30m

It's time to get right with ourselves. Emma Heath speaks to Joe Lampshire from Tough Talk and Susie Flashman Jarvis about their journey to faith and fulfillment, after a life of addiction.

Session 5 with Mike Emmett and Nat Moody

Season 2 Episode 5 29m

There is hope, no matter how dark things seem. Emma Heath talks to Mike Emmett and Nat Moody who share their stories of finding acceptance and approval from Father God.

Session 6 with Grant Robbins and Vicki Jarvis

Season 2 Episode 6 29m

Addiction can still be active in the lives of Christians. Emma Heath sits down with Vicki Jarvis to hear about her journey through drug and alcohol addiction. Grant Robbins also shares his testimony of finding freedom from pornography addiction.

Session 7 with Sarah Davies and Sabrina Smith

Season 2 Episode 7 28m

Humility is sacrificial and recognition that God is at work. Emma Heath talks to Sarah Davies and Sabrina Smith about how God intervened in hopeless situations.

Session 8 with Josh Ward and Lauren Windle

Season 2 Episode 8 23m

How can we make amends? Emma Heath hears from Josh Ward and Lauren Windle about their involvement in The Recovery Course and how they overcame addictions in their life.

Session 9 with Jules Radford and Andy Flute

Season 2 Episode 9 28m

Step 9 looks at restoring our relationship with others. We hear powerful testimonies from Jules and Andy about how they were set free from their addictions and compulsive behavious.

Session 10 with Paul Lloyd and Louise Hansford

Season 2 Episode 10 27m

How can we build a new foundation for our life? Emma Heath hears from Paul Lloyd about how we can continue to go in the right direction during our recovery. Louise Hansford also shares more of her journey of freedom from taking drugs.

Session 11 with John McCard and Jason Rose

Season 2 Episode 11 29m

How can we grow in the next stage of recovery? Emma Heath hears from John McCard and Jason Rose about their journey through recovery from alcoholism.

Session 12 with Stacey Moody and Shane Taylor

Season 2 Episode 12 30m

Emma Heath introduces Step 12, carrying on the message to those still in active addiction and practicing thse principles in all our affairs.

15 Episodes

Session 1: To Change Or Not To Change

Season 1 Episode 1 9m

In this first session, Emma Heath and Justyn Rees Larcombe introduce themselves and the course, beginning with the subject of denial.

Session 2: Out Of Control

Season 1 Episode 2 10m

Do we wear a mask and pretend to be something we are not? Take a closer look at the topic of denial with Justyn Rees Larcombe.

Session 3: Powerless

Season 1 Episode 3 12m

Emma Heath looks again at the topic of denial and accepting the truth about who we are and our situations.

Session 4: New Order - When Will The Insanity Go?

Season 1 Episode 4 11m

Justyn Rees Larcombe encourages us that the answer to changing our life, after exposing our pain and addiction, is through a relationship with Jesus Christ.

Session 5: New Life Or Old?

Season 1 Episode 5 12m

Are we ready to ask God for help? Emma Heath explains how we can turn our problems over to God to get us on the right track.

Session 6: Opening Pandora's Box

Season 1 Episode 6 10m

How can we let go of resentment? Justyn Rees Larcombe helps us discover how to unlock the pain of the past with Jesus Christ.

Session 7: Dig For Victory

Season 1 Episode 7 11m

What are the priorities in our life? Emma Heath challenges us to put God first in every circumstance.

Session 8: Time To Confess

Season 1 Episode 8 12m

As we admit to God and to a trusted person about our shortcomings, Justyn Rees Larcombe describes the freedom that comes from Christ.

Session 9: Getting Ready

Season 1 Episode 9 13m

Discover what is preventing us from becoming happy, healed and whole individuals with Emma Heath.

Session 10: The Removal Business

Season 1 Episode 10 8m

Recovery is all about change, and change only comes as we are ready to let our shortcomings go. Justyn Rees Larcombe warns us to be aware of pride in these next steps of recovery.

Session 11: Making Amends

Season 1 Episode 11 12m

How can we restore relationships? Emma Heath encourages us to take the initiative, forgive and find freedom.

Session 12: Not So Bad After All

Season 1 Episode 12 12m

As we have now been making amends on this journey of recovery, Emma Heath tells us how we can stay sober and build up our self-esteem.

Session 13: Cleaning House

Season 1 Episode 13 11m

Justyn Rees Larcombe looks at the next steps to prevent relapse, maintain a healthy life balance and not take recovery for granted.

Session 14: No Going Back

Season 1 Episode 14 9m

Having found restoration in Jesus Christ, Justyn Rees Larcombe explains how we can grow in spiritual health and reduce the risk of relapse.

Session 15: From Liberated To Liberator

Season 1 Episode 15 13m

In this final session, Justyn Rees Larcombe encourages us that we don't have to be perfect to be used by God and share our story. We can give hope to others along the journey of salvation and recovery.