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Season 2019 Episode 1 27m

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42 Episodes

TBN Meets Bill Wilson

Genelle Aldred Meets Bill Wilson, the founder and Senior Pastor of Metro World Child, America's largest ministry to children with branches all around the world.

TBN Meets Alexandra McDonald

Genelle Aldred Meets Alexandra McDonald, the Commercial Director of SPCK Publishing, the largest Christian publisher in the UK.

TBN Meets William Porter

Genelle Aldred Meets William Porter, an accomplished solicitor and author, and heads up the UK Houses of Prayer network.

TBN Meets Lis Goddard

Genelle Aldred Meets Rev Lis Goddard, Vicar of St James the Less in Pimlico, Westminster.

TBN Meets Naomi Graham/ Lucy Peppiatt

Genelle Aldred Meets Naomi Graham, the CEO and founder of Growing Hope. Along with Dr Lucy Peppiatt, the Principal of Westminster Theological Centre

TBN Meets Paul Baloche

Emily Martin Meets Paul Baloche, music artist, worship leader, and singer-songwriter. Talking about his new single 'Behold Him'.

TBN Meets Paul Harcourt

Genelle Aldred Meets Paul Harcourt, National Leader of New Wine and vicar at All Saints Woodford Wells.

TBN Meet Beverly Murrill

Genelle Aldred Meets Beverly Murrill, co-lead of the ministry of Christian Growth International.

TBN Meets William McDowell

Emily Martin Meets Pastor William McDowell, a gifted teacher and world-renowned worship leader whose songs have changed the global landscape of worship music.

TBN Meets Noel Robinson

Genelle Aldred Meets Noel Robinson, international worship leader, songwriter, producer and the founder of the Kingdom Worship movement.

TBN Meets Mark Bowater and Loretta Andrews

Genelle Aldred Meets Mark Bowater senior manager of marketing & creative at integrity music, and Loretta Andrews, Music Manager and Artist Development Coach.

TBN Meets Jimmy and Fez

Genelle Aldred Meets Jimmy James, Music Producer, Song Writer, and Musician. Along with Feranmi Oguns, Founder of OL Creative.

TBN Meets Karl Faase

Emily Martin Meets Karl Faase. Host of Jesus The Game Changer, and the CEO of Olive Tree Media, an organisation producing programmes for Christian media and the local church.

TBN Meets Phil Loose

Genelle Aldred Meets Phil Loose, the managing director of Integrity music Europe, one of the biggest Christian music labels in the world.

TBN Meets O'Neil Dennis

Genelle Aldred Meets O’Neil Dennis, Chief Editor for aStepFWD and Founder of the UK Christian Chart.

TBN Meets Tim Jupp

Genelle Aldred Meets Reverend Celia Apeagyei Collins, Founder and President of the Rehoboth Foundation.

TBN Meets Rev Celia Apeagyei

Genelle Aldred Meets Reverend Celia Apeagyei Collins, Founder and President of the Rehoboth Foundation.

TBN Meets Olly and Helen Goldenberg

Genelle Aldred Meets Olly & Helen Goldenberg, founders of the Children Can ministry, helping churches disciple the next generation to live for Jesus.

TBN Meets Manoj Raithatha

Genelle Aldred Meets Manoj Raithatha, former teacher, Bafta award-winning TV writer, a successful property entrepreneur and Pastor of Barking Baptist Church.

TBN Meets Bernice Hardie

Genelle Aldred Meets Bernice Hardie, Co-Founder of WAVE, an incredible organisation established by parents moved by their faith to create a more inclusive society.

TBN Meets RT Kendall

Genelle Aldred Meets RT Kendall, world renowned author, minister, and speaker.

TBN Meets Gavin Calver

Genelle Aldred Meets Gavin Calver, Director of Mission at Evangelical Alliance, the oldest and largest evangelical unity movement in the UK.

TBN Meets William Adoasi

Genelle Aldred Meets William Adaosi, a worship leader at Hillsong, photographer and creator of Vitae London, a watch company that challenges itself to make real-world changes.

TBN Meets Andrew and Sue Owen

Genelle Aldred Meets the Andrew and Sue Owen, founders of Destiny Ministries, the Senior Pastors at Destiny Church Glasgow, and the Principals of Destiny College.

TBN Meets Rev Rose Hudson-Wilkin

Genelle Aldred Meets Reverend Rose Hudson-Wilkin, the first black female bishop for the Church of England.

TBN Meets Baroness Caroline Cox

TBN Meets Baroness Caroline Cox

TBN Meets Mark Bradford 'Maranto'

Genelle Aldred Meets Maranto, a Jamaica-born singer, songwriter, and producer. Talking about his new album ‘Faith through the Fire’.

TBN Meets Liz and James Grier

Genelle Aldred Meets Dr Liz and Rev James Grier, Church Leaders of Unlimited Church, Exeter.

TBN Meets Shane Claiborne

Genelle Aldred Meets Shane Claiborne, speaker, activist, and best-selling author. Talking about his work with Red Letter Christians UK and their bold new project ‘The Beating Knives’ Tour.

TBN Meets Vicky Walker

Genelle Aldred Meets Vicky Walker, talking about her book ‘Relatable’, a challenging exploration of how faith, church and culture can impact our relationships and our expectations.

TBN Meets Steve Bassett

Genelle Aldred Meets Steve Bassett, Collaborator, Founder and Executive Producer of The Nine Beats Collective.

TBN Meets Pete Portal

Genelle Aldred Meets Pete Portal, Core Team Leader at Tree of Life Church and Author of his first book ‘No Neutral Ground’.

TBN Meets Richard Gamble

Leon Schoeman Meets Richard Gamble. CEO of The Wall, who has had the vision to build ‘The Wall’ for 13 years, which will consist of a million bricks each representing an answered prayer, telling the goodness of Jesus to his people. TUM_087_RICHARD GAMBLE_170307_Vimeo

TBN Meets Martin Smith

Genelle Aldred Meets Martin Smith, world renowned worship artist, songwriter, and producer.

TBN Meets Sharon Prentis

Genelle Aldred Meets Rev Dr Sharon Prentis, Intercultural Mission Enabler & Dean of Black and Minority Ethnic Affairs for the Church of England in Birmingham.

TBN Meets Adrian and Bridget Plass

Genelle Aldred Meets Adrian and Bridget Plass, one of the biggest selling UK Christian authors and best known for The Sacred Diary series.

TBN Meets Jules Murdy and Catherine Burt

Genelle Aldred Meets Jules Murdy director of Girls' Brigade Ministries, and Catherine Burt Assistant Director & Communications Manager.

TBN Meets Pete Greig

Genelle Aldred Meets Pete Greig, a best-selling author, pastor and bewildered instigator of the 24-7 Prayer movement which has reached more than half the nations on earth.

TBN Meets Will Van Der Hart

Genelle Meets with Will Van Der Hart, Pastoral Chaplain at HTB in central London. He is also a founding director of The Mind and Soul Foundation, a mental and emotional health think tank with an international reach.

TBN Meets Andrew & Louise Cherrie

John Fleming Meets Andrew & Louise Cherrie from Love146, an international human rights organisation working to end child trafficking and exploitation through survivor care and prevention.

TBN Meets James Myer

Leon Schoeman Meets James Myer the founder of TBN Uncharted, bringing the good news to unreached communities in practical ways.

TBN Meets Rich di Castiglione & Eric Sandor

John Fleming Meets Rich di Castiglione & Eric Sandor from David’s Tent, an annual summer event that gathers thousands of Christians from across all different church streams for three days of non-stop worship.

41 Episodes

TBN Meets Elle Limebear

Emily talks to Elle Limebear, they discuss what Creativity looks like in this season and Elle's new album.

TBN Meets Chris Lee

Emily Martin Meets Rev Christopher Lee, vicar of St Saviour’s Church in West London, who has risen to fame recently for spreading the Word of God on social media and to young people.

TBN Meets Tanya Chand

Emily Martin Meets Tanya Chand, an inspirational speaker, author and Operations Director of Walking Like Jesus ministry.

TBN Meets Bible Society

Emily Martin Meets Nigel Langford, Head of Church Relations at Bible Society.

TBN Meets Ben Jones

Richard Fleming Meets Ben Jones, the Founder and Trustee of Missional Generation, a charity who teach and support young people to create missional shaped lives and raise youth leaders in today’s society.

TBN Meets Christians Care

Emily Martin Meets Don Horwitz, the Executive Director of Christians Care International, a charity which brings together Christians from around the world to bless Israel and the Jewish people.

TBN Meets Compassion

Emily Martin Meets Justin Dowds, the CEO of Compassion, which is a leading children's charity running for over 66 years, allowing children to escape the suffering and fear poverty brings.

TBN Meets Martin Williams Ofori-Atta

Emily Martin Meets Pastor Martin Williams Ofori-Atta, the Senior Pastor at The Revival City Church Birmingham.

TBN Meets Lori Arnott Lawlor

Emily Martin Meets Lori Arnott Lawlor, the founder of the Spirit Cafe, a church-based prophetic evangelism model which has been adopted by churches in many countries of the world.

TBN Meets Steve Morris

Emily Martin Meets Steve Morris, an Author and a Vicar at St Cuthbert’s Church in Wembley, as well as the founder of Memory Café.

TBN Meets Joe Lowther

Emily Martin Meets Joe Lowther, CEO at Kick London, a charity that works with thousands of young people every week to make a positive difference to their lives through sport.

TBN Meets Jessica Hannington (Karuna Action)

Emily Martin Meets Jessica Hannington from Karuna Action, an innovative, creative charity based in Hampshire.

TBN Meets: What the Church looks like in Lockdown

Pastors Julian and Sarah Richards discuss with Emily what the Church looks like in this season of lockdown.

TBN Meets: Mental Health During Lockdown

Emily chats with Lily-Jo about how we can look after our mental health during this season of lockdown.

TBN Meets: Managing Money During Lockdown

Emily chats to Dr John Kirkby, founder of CAP, to discuss tips on how to manage our money well in this season.

TBN Meets: Worship During Lockdown

Emily chats with Lucy Grimble about the importance of worship during this season of lockdown.

TBN Meets Ealing Soup Kitchen

Emily speaks to Andrew Mcleay, the manager of the Ealing Soup Kitchen, as he shares about the work they are doing in their borough during this season.

TBN Meets Mission Without Borders

Emily speaks to Stephen Young, Managing Director of Mission Without Borders, as he shares about the work they are doing in this season.

TBN Meets The Portable Priest

Emily talks to Rev Pat Allerton, also known as the Portable Priest, he shares what he has been doing on the streets of London during the pandemic.

TBN Meets Peter Willson

Emily talks to Peter Willson, a Consultant Surgeon and Medical Director, he shares his experiences during the Coronavirus pandemic.

TBN Meets: Marriage in a Time of Crisis

Emily talks to Michaela Hyde and Emma Waring about how to have a strong and healthy marriage in a time of crisis.

TBN Meets: Parenting During Lockdown

Emily talks with Andrew and Louise Cherrie as they share practical tips on how to parent well in a time of crisis.

TBN Meets Mike Simmons

An in depth, factual and informative interview with an expert Microbiologist from Public Health Wales discussing Covid 19, the research behind and spread of the virus, and how it’s affected our health services and lives today.

TBN Meets NHS Staff

Emily speaks to Harry, a Doctor, and Catherine, a Midwife, on how life has been for them in the hospitals since the Pandemic.

TBN Meets Linking Lives

Emily speaks to Jeremy Sharpe, from Linking Lives UK, as they discuss loneliness and how it is affecting people all over the UK, especially during this season of lockdown.

TBN Meets Rich Wilson and Isaac Robinson

Emily speaks to Rich Wilson, from Fusion Movement, and Isaac Robinson, about how the pandemic has affected students across the country.

TBN Meets Phil Knox

Taylor is joined by Phil Knox as he talks about Evangelical Alliance and his new book 'Story Bearer'.

TBN Meets Andy Flute

Taylor is joined by Andy Flute who talks about his boxing career, his salvation and his new book 'Jesus In My Corner'.

TBN Meets Philippa Hanna

Taylor is joined by Philippa Hanna as she talks about her new Album 'Stained Glass Stories', and performs her new releases 'Trust' and 'Everything is Possible'.

TBN Meets Jeffery Lestz

***COMMENT BELOW TO WIN A COPY OF HIS BOOK*** Emily is joined by Jeffery Lestz as he talks about his personal testimony to coming to Christ, becoming a millionaire by the age of 31, and his new book ‘Against All Odds’.

TBN Meets Lily Jo

Emily is joined by Lily-Jo as she talks about her new music releases and some of the wellbeing projects being held by The Lily-Jo project.

TBN Meets Nick and Becky Drake

Emily is joined by Nick and Becky Drake as they talk about their new music releases and perform an acoustic version of their song, 'City on a Hill'.

TBN Meets Henry Costa

Emily is joined by Henry Costa as he talks about his new daily worship app, Glorify.

TBN Meets Penny Ellis

Emily is joined by Penny Ellis as she talks about overcoming mental health struggles, being in the public eye and her new book 'A River through My Desert'.

TBN Meets Taylor Bentliff

Emily is joined by Taylor Bentliff, the Founder of Clarity Magazine, as she talks about the launch, purpose and vision behind her faith- based lifestyle magazine.

TBN Meets Paul Cowley

Taylor is joined by Paul Cowley as he talks about his new book called Thief Prisoner Soldier Priest.

TBN Meets Hannah Mumford

Taylor is joined by Hannah Mumford as she talks about her Christian clothing line, 'Making Him Known' and the vision behind it.

TBN Meets Nick Cole, Samaritans Purse

Emily is joined by Nick Cole, Director of Operation Christmas Child in the UK.

TBN Meets Becky Murray

Emily is joined by Becky Murray, founder and president of One By One and The Dignity Project reaching children with God's love.

TBN Meets Amy Orr-Ewing

Emily speaks to Amy Orr-Ewing, Director of the Oxford Centre for Christian Apologetics, about her new book 'Where is God in All The Suffering?'

TBN Meets Seth Pinnock

Emily joins Seth Pinnock as he talks about ‘Declaration 2021’ a live show covering the New Year’s Prayer Week airing in January on TBNUK.

36 Episodes

TBN Meets Cally Magalhães

Emily joins Cally Magalhães as she talks about her life-changing move to Brazil to start up ‘The Eagle Project’, and her newly- released autobiography ‘Dancing with Thieves’.

TBN Meets Robert Glover

Emily joins Dr. Robert Glover OBE as he talks about his extraordinary move to China to start up the charity ‘Care For Children’ and his new book ‘As Many as the Stars’.

TBN Meets Henrietta Blyth, Open Doors

Emily is joined by Henrietta Blyth, CEO of Open Doors, as she talks about the recent rise in cases of Christian persecution since the pandemic, and the World Watch List 2021.

TBN Meets Leroy Logan

Emily is joined by Leroy Logan MBE as he shares his incredible story about his career in the police force, and talks about his new book 'Closing Ranks - My Life as a Cop'.

TBN Meets Guvna B

Emily is joined by Guvna B as he talks about his new autobiography 'Unspoken: Toxic Masculinity and How I Faced the Man Within the Man'.

TBN Meets Cath Woolridge

Emily is joined by Cath Woolridge as she talks about her new 40-day devotional 'Pylon People'.

TBN Meets Ali Loaker

Emily is joined by Ali Loaker as he talks about his new book ‘Worship in the Storm’.

TBN Meets Claire Gilbert

Emily is joined by Claire Gilbert as she talks about her new book ‘Miles to Go Before I Sleep’ and shares her own inspiring journey.

TBN Meets Cris Rogers

Emily is joined by Cris Rogers as he tells us all about the new Spring Harvest Home 21 Easter celebration event happening this April.

TBN Meets Archbishop Stephen Cottrell

Emily is joined by the Archbishop of York as he talks about his new book 'Dear England'.

TBN Meets Steve Bassett and Rachael Newham

Emily is joined by Steve Bassett from Lifewords and Rachael Newham from Think Twice as they talk about their new book releases 'The Little Book of Chaos' and 'Inspiring Prayer'.

TBN Meets Fiona Veitch Smith

Emily chats to children's author Fiona Veitch Smith as she talks about her new book 'Charles Babbage and the Curious Computer'.

TBN Meets Bruce Dyer

Emily is joined by ex-footballer turned pastor, Bruce Dyer, as he shares his incredible testimony and talks about his journey with God since retiring from football.

TBN Meets Emma Buchan

Emily is joined by Emma Buchan, Project Director for Thy Kingdom Come, as she talks about the 2021 global prayer movement event running from May 13th - May 23rd 2021.

TBN Meets Tim Harding

Emily is joined by Tim Harding, Founder of the prayer ministry New Kapporet, as he talks about the vision behind this charity and the launch of their new Christian helpline.

TBN Meets Yinka Oyekan

Emily is joined by Yinka Oyekan as he talks about The Turning, the vision behind it and how it is equipping the local church in evangelism and discipleship across the UK and beyond.

TBN Meets Emily Holden

Taylor is joined by Emily Holden from Welcome Churches, as they have an insightful discussion about the government's New Plan for Immigration.

TBN Meets James Aladiran

Taylor is joined by James Aladiran, as he talks all about his new book 'Life on Fire'.

TBN Meets Apostle Grace Lubega

Emily is joined by Apostle Grace Lubega from Phaneroo Ministries in Uganda, as he talks to us about his new programme now airing on TBNUK.

TBN Meets Louie Giglio

Emily is joined by best-selling author and Pastor, Louie Giglio from Passion City Church in Atlanta, as he talks to us about his new book ‘Don’t Give the Enemy A Seat At Your Table’.

TBN Meets Jennie Pollock

Emily is joined by Jennie Pollock, as she talks about her new book ‘If Only - Finding Contentment in the Face of Lack and Longing’.

TBN Meets Still Shadey

Emily is joined by award-winning Music Artist, Still Shadey, as he shares his inspiring testimony and performs some of his newest music for us.

TBN Meets Jane Kirby

Emily is joined by Jane Kirby, founder of ‘Rebel Hearts for Rebel Girls’, who shares with us about the mission behind her publishing company, and all about Truth magazine.

TBN Meets Paul Estabrooks

Emily is joined by Paul Estabrooks from Open Doors, as he shares with us about ‘Project Pearl’, the biggest Bible-smuggling operation in world history in 1981.

TBN Meets Roger Chilvers

Emily is joined by Roger Chilvers, BGEA’s UK Director of Training and Church Ministry. He talks about this year’s Evangelism Summit, taking place in four cities, from 12 October to 15 November.

TBN Meets David Stretton-Downes

Emily is joined by David Stretton-Downes, CEO of Bobbies Brownies, who shares the vision behind these ginormous treats, plus staff put the brownies to the test, will they taste as good as they look?

TBN Meets Emma Borquaye

Emily is joined by Emma Borquaye, founder of the multi award-winning online platform, ‘Girl Got Faith’, as she talks with us about her newly-released book, ‘Discovering You’.

TBN Meets Jonty Lees

Emily is joined by Music Artist and Worship Leader, Jonty Lees, as he talks to us about his newly-released EP ‘Dawn til Dusk’, and performs two of his new singles for us.

TBN Meets Kemi Bamgbose

Journalist, songwriter and now author, Kemi Bamgbose joins Emily to share about how her passion for words and obedience in God, led her to write a children’s book ‘When Mr Mandela Came To Town’.

TBN Meets Monique Mcken

Award-winning gospel artist Monique McKen, has always had a calling to sing; starting from the tender age of three. She tells Emily about her musical journey, walk with God, and performs two tracks.

TBN Meets Edward Smyth

Edward Smyth reveals how a a brief prison sentence back catalysed a lifelong change. He has co- written a book ‘Doing Time’; which includes reflections on his experiences during and after prison.

TBN Meets Sharlene Monique

Emily is joined by soulful singer-songwriter Sharlene-Monique, who sits down for an intimate conversation about her book, faith, and singing career. Plus, treats us to two performances.

TBN Meets Tom Jackson

With Christmas right around the corner, Tom Jackson; CEO of 'Love Your Neighbour' provides tangible ways to spread God's love during this season with their new campaign - 'Love Christmas'.

TBN Meets Molly Clark

Join Taylor as she speaks to a member of the ‘Young Christian Climate Network’; Molly Clark, to explore ways we can look after our climate and hear all about their recent ‘Relay pilgrimage’ to COP26.

TBN Meets Dara Olagbami

The Editor-in-Chief of Grace Magazine; Dara Olagbami sits in the hot seat with Larissa to reveal all about her modern fresh magazine, which was launched back in 2018.

TBN Meets Jane Pleace and Seth Pinnock

Emily sits down with Tearfund's Jane Pleace and Seth Pinnock to hear all about The Well - a powerful initiative working with black Christians and black majority churches to tackle extreme poverty and injustice

44 Episodes

TBN Meets Lian Jacobs

Larissa sits down with Lian Jacobs, the African and Caribbean engagment team leader for the Well at Tearfund to discuss their plans for Declaration 2023 - a week of worship, prayer, and the Word of God.

TBN Meets Tommy Lilja - part 2

Part 2 of Emily's conversation with Pastor Tommy Lilja, finding all about the evangelistic crusades of Tommy Lilja Ministries

TBN Meets Tommy Lilja - part 1

Pastor Tommy Lilja is founder of Tommy Lilja ministries, a world-wide non-profit organisation which has helped millions since it started in 1996. Tommy shares how it all stared, and he became the powerful man of God he is today.

TBN Meets: Karis Kids

Larrissa sits down with Will Law and Bishop Zac from Karis Kids, a charity that is helping get children out of poverty in the slums of Kampala, Uganda. They do this by linking families in the UK to families in the slums, who often look after several non-biological/orphaned children.

TBN Meets RT Kendall

RT is an international speaker and teacher who pastored Westminster Chapel for 25 years and is also an author of more than 50 books, one of which has recently been released and is called ‘Prophetic Integrity: Aligning Our Words with God's Word’.

TBN Meets Mick Fleming

Pastor Mick Fleming is pastor of Church on the Street in Burnley, a community dedicated to helping others, particularly those who find themselves homeless, struggling with addictions or on the bread line.

TBN Meets Naomi Lawson Jacobs and Emily Richardson

Naomi is a disabled, neurodivergent social researcher and disability equality trainer, and Emily Richardson is a disabled writer, and both authors have collaborated together to write a new book called ‘At The Gates: Disability, Justice and the Churches’.

TBN Meets Shabazz Graham

Larissa sits down with Shabazz Graham, a writer, filmmaker, CEO and co-founder of QCast, a new insightful video-based social media platform.

TBN Meets Richard Reddie

Larissa speaks to author Richard Reddie about his book Race for Justice, and about how he encourages churches to respond to issues relating to racial justice in church, and also in society.

TBN Meets Jeremie Alamazani

Larissa speaks to Jeremie Alamazani, CEO at Wealth Partners Limited, about the Pan African Heritage Museum, a project currently under construction and scheduled to open in Accra, Ghana in 2023/2024.

TBN Meets Cece Winans

Grammy award winning singer-songwriter Cece Winans talks with Taylor about her music and God's promises over her life.

TBN Meets Michael W Smith

Taylor sits down with award winning singer-songwriter Michael W Smith and chats about the inspiration for his new music and about staying grounded in his faith.

TBN Meets Gospel Heritage Project

Emily sits down with Platoon Records artists, Lurine Cato, Volney Morgan & Sharyn, to share with us about The Gospel Heritage Project, which celebrates Gospel Heritage month.

TBN Meets Gemma Hunt

Emily sits down with television presenter Gemma Hunt, as she talks to us about her thriving television career, and the release of her first children’s book ‘A Good Friend’.

TBN Meets Tania Harris

Emily sits down with Reverend Dr. Tania Harris, as she talks to us about her new book, ‘The Church who hears God’s voice'

TBN Meets Dr Michael Youssef

Emily sits down with Dr Michael Youssef as he talks about his ministry, ‘Leading the Way’, and its 20th anniversary of ministry in the UK.

TBN Meets Jo Saxton

On this TBN Meets, we speak to Jo Saxton, an international speaker and women's leadership coach. Join our discussion on all things leadership.

TBN Meets Hannah Williamson

Emily sits down with Hannah Williamson to discuss how we can equip the next generation to be young leaders, and her new book 'The Mordecai Method'.

TBN Meets Rachel John

West-End performer and music artist Rachel John talks about theatre-life and her new album 'From my Lips to Gods Ears’, and performs two newly-released tracks.

TBN Meets Paul Gibbs

Paul Gibbs, founder of The Pais Movement, talks about this discipleship-led organisation, and his newest book, ‘The Shapes Test’.

TBN Meets Franklin Graham

Franklin Graham, the CEO of ‘Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, has devoted his life to proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus. Be inspired to tap into you own evangelistic ministry and see how you can prioritise spreading the gospel.

TBN Meets Samuel Bella

Samuel Bella talks about his journey in music, worship in the UK, and performs his newest single, ‘Move’.

TBN Meets Jay Smith

Join us as we meet with evangelist Jay Smith to discuss evangelism testimonies and his desire to see the UK on fire for Christ.

TBN Meets Marcia Jones

Entrepreneur Marcia Jones runs a monthly support group called Sister2SisterBU; women to better their wellbeing, confidence, and self-esteem. Hear about her journey of supporting women for two decades

TBN Meets Rachel Kerr

Award-winning singer-songwriter, Rachel Kerr, talks about her newly released album ‘Masterpeace’, and so much more. Plus, Rachel performs two of her newest tracks for us.

TBN Meets Reverend Mark Edwards

Parish Priest, Mark Edwards, had a tough start in life; abused as a child and sectioned under the Mental Health Act. He reveals the challenges he faces as a priest in his new book, Behind the Collar.

TBN Meets Andrew Palau

Andrew Palau, evangelist and one of the key leaders of the legacy ministry, the Luis Palau Association, joins us to share the biggest Festival coming to Manchester since 2003.

TBN Meets Bisi Bankole

Bisi, a passionate evangelist and trailblazer shares her testimony as well as her bold christian brand, Walking Witness.

TBN Meets Jason O'Shea

Larissa talks to Jason O’Shea, the founder of Operation Forgiveness, a knife crime initiative founded by a family who lost a loved one. Hear their story and all they are doing to create awareness in schools, colleges, and youth groups across London.

TBN Meets Cat Ross

Sanctuary Foundations is a charity which aims to resource individuals, community groups, churches, schools, churches and businesses to build provision for Ukraine. Join as as we discuss the The Homes for Ukraine Scheme and what Sanctuary Foundations is doing to support that.

TBN Meets Hugh Osgood

In this TBN Meets, we delve in to Hugh Osgood's new 'Because I live' video series, focussing on the Resurrection of Christ and His appearance.

TBN Meets Richard Gamble

Founder of Eternal Wall of Answered Prayer , Richard Gamble prayed for ten years until 2014 when he felt the nudge to begin what is to become a huge Christian landmark

TBN Meets Roger Chilvers

We speak with Roger Chilvers, the BGEA’s UK Director of Training and Church Ministry, about this year’s God Loves You Tour

TBN Meets Dupe Makinde

Dupe Makinde is a woman that is passionate about the future of our young people. We discuss Makinde's charity 'Positive Futures' as well as the impact that it is making across the globe.

TBN Meets Jason Lane

In this TBN Meets, we talk to Jason Lane from the charity, Innovista. A charity aimed to enable leaders to fulfil their potential in Christ. We talk about the work they are doing in Ukraine, Christianity in Ukraine and Church leadership.

TBN Meets Mike Williams

Join us with Bristol-based pastor Mike Williams as we discuss his new book 'Dying to get there'. A timely breakdown on how we as Christians can look heavenward, rather than just focussing on the here and now.

TBN Meets Dominique Octave

Dominque Octave is the founder of a new start up call CUL/TURE - a conscious interruption. In this episode, we discuss how her business impacts and transforms communities.

TBN Meets Ed Drew

Ed Drew talks all about kids, and in particular ‘Faith in Kids’, a children's ministry for churches and parents to work together in raising their children to trust Jesus.

TBN Meets Nia-Cerise Conteh

International speaker and biblical dreams interpreter Nia-Cerise Conteh speaks about her global mission journey to date and encourages us to stand as leaders of faith in today’s world.

TBN Meets Catherine Little

Part of the Bible Society’s mission is ‘To reach everyone with God’s word…’ The General Secretary of Northern Ireland, Catherine Little, shares how exactly they achieve this.

TBN Meets Matt Parfitt

Unemployment is a word that has sadly become all too familiar. Matt Parfitt, the CEO of Grace Enterprises, shares how their goal is to help reduce long-term unemployment and poverty in Nottingham.

TBN Meets Cilla Raie

London based R&B singer-songwriter, Cilla Raie, revels all about her journey as an independent artist and provides us with an exclusive performance from her current single ‘Oh God’.

TBN Meets Louise Blyth

Author Louise Blyth shares with us about her book ‘Hope Is Coming’. This gripping memoir reveals the love story she shared with her husband and how it prematurely toppled into grief and pain.

TBN Meets Kirly Sue

Taylor sits down with vegan cook, author & presenter, Kirly Sue, to discuss Veganuary and simple steps to an eco-conscious lifestyle

8 Episodes

TBN UK Meets John Kirkby

In this compelling interview, Dr. John Kirkby, co-founder of Christians Against Poverty (CAP), introduces the i-61 Movement App, a groundbreaking tool that encourages Christians to step out and share their faith with others.

TBN UK Meets Gary Chapman

We welcome Dr. Gary Chapman, the renowned author of the best-selling book 'The Five Love Languages'! With over 20 million copies sold, this book has transformed countless relationships and helped people understand love in a whole new way.

TBN UK Meets Ryan Ofei

We sit down with Maverick City Music's Ryan Ofei to chat about his view of worship, as well as the inspiration and insight into his new EP titled Limitless Worship: Accra.

TBN UK Meets Andrew Ollerton

Emily speaks to theologian, author and popular communicator, Andrew Ollerton, who has written The Bible Course with Bible Society - delving into the storyline of Scripture.

TBN UK Meets Daniel Chand

Join Emily Martin as she sits down with evangelist Daniel Chand to chat about a national outreach which has been scheduled for the 3rd of June in Trafalgar Square, with Walking like Jesus Ministries.

TBN UK Meets Anna Grace Barlow and Jon Erwin

Larissa chats with producer Jon Erwin and actress Anna Grace Barlow about their latest movie production, which is taking the world by storm, Jesus Revolution.

TBN UK Meets Levi Lutz

Evangelist Levi Lutz, CfaN Bootcamp Director, explores how to break down the Gospel in a simple way and how to evangelise with passion just like Christ did in the Bible.

TBN UK Meets Sinach

Acclaimed singer-songwriter, Sinach helps us to maximise our God-given potential with the knowledge of who we are.